The Originals 'Alive And Kicking' Recap, S2 EP2, Davina And Kaleb Fight For Their Lives

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Last week on The Originals, Hayley, Klaus and Elijah took back control over the quarter in the powerful season opener, now tonight in the second episode of the second season, things get a little more complicated.

Klaus pushes Hayley towards rejoining her pack in hopes that it will help her as well as his cause, meanwhile, Davina and Kaleb fight for their lives in a sneak attack and are saved by an unexpected powerhouse.

The episode commences as one of classic Originals flashbacks from Spain is show. Klaus and Elijah stumble upon a bloodthirsty Cole they argue about leaving to escape their father the Vampire who hunts Vampires.

However, they manage to subdue him with a dagger showing how they were able to bring him along with them.

Kaleb or Cole takes a nice stroll and while enjoying an apple he sets his eye on the young glowing witch Davina.

Meanwhile, Elijah follows a trail of bloody footsteps to find Hayley in the aftermath of a witch hunt which she and Klaus embarked on. Klaus said that he only took her as back-up but when the witches didn't comply, he let Hayley have her way.

Klaus and Elijah bicker over the well being of Hayley and Elijah wants him to help her stop and control herself in order to regain her humanity.

Elijah encourages Klaus to send Hayley to her people in order for her to find her humanity.

Marcel is still on his crusade to recruit the right group of people to join his army of vampires.

He remembers Elijah teaching him the piano when he was younger only to be interrupted by Klaus who seemed to be jealous of Marcel and Elijah spending time with each other.

In order to satisfy his jealousy he unleashed young Cole from his dagger and the two would have begun to wreak their own havoc.

Elijah visits Marcel in his crusade they talk about finding the white oak stake. Elijah threatens Davina's life if Marcel didn't try to ask her for help in locating the stake which proves to be a very useful tactic. Mikael continues to become wound up around Davina and encourages her to hurry up and free him so he can kill Klaus.

Kaleb followed Davina to find out what was going on and though he doesn't know that it is Mikael, he does know she is hiding something.

Esther or Cassie leads the boy Finn and Cole to the cemetery where the werewolves are awaiting their moonlight rings.

She is planning on building an army to combat her other sons who in her mind have gone off the beaten path.

Hayley and Klaus are in search for the last remaining members of her wolf pack.

He tells Hayley that her people need a leader and she tells him she is a mess and all she can think about is how much she misses her daughter.

Klaus tells her that she needs to be strong as they will need her pack to combat the army that is being built against them

Elijah meets with Marcel and Marcel tells him that Davina is on her way and urges Elijah to stay out of sight.

Another flashback of Elijah scolding Klaus and Cole for going on a killing spree. Klaus stands up for Marcel when Elijah insists that he leaves out of not being safe following the blood spree Cole indulged in.

Davina and Marcel begin talking and they have their father daughter bond going as he finds it hard to locate the stake. Elijah shows up against Marcel's wishes and the conversation takes a turn. However, Elijah reads her perfectly and knows that Davina has had the stake all along.

Talk about mind reading. This episode is a little fast pace and it seems like the plot is unfolding too easy without much of a mystery.

That being said, the relationships between the characters are all in such a limbo that that is where the mystery lies.

Love stories have gone out the window at this point in the episode and it becomes more about the hunt for the white oak stake.

Klaus and Hayley manage to locate her pack and he encourages her to go talk to them. They approach the pack and Oliver sheds some light on something that they did not know before. They learn that there is a witch (Cassie) who is creating moonlight rings for the werewolves.

Klaus leaves to find Cassie leaving Hayley behind to try to regain control over her pack. Marcel and Elijah take a stroll and try to plot on how they will be able to take the stake back from Davina's possession.

The flashbacks continue to show Klaus and Elijah's bickering over Marcel which explains why Klaus has such a close bond to Marcel. Davina still teases Mikael and he is becoming restless.

Klaus enters the cemetery to find Cassie and he is surrounded by her army as she approaches from the crowd and her voice has a distinct tone that tells Klaus this is no normal witch.

With so many mini armies being built the entire show is beginning to seem like a big game of Risk.

At this point a viewer is probably cowering in excitement with Klaus meeting his mother but not being able to tell under her disguise.

Cassie sits Klaus down and offers her condolences to his loss. Klaus asks many questions of the seemingly new witch but she gives him a history lesson on the bonds between witches and werewolves.

She tells Klaus that the rings are being created to level the playing field and protect themselves from hybrids and bloodthirsty vampires. Klaus threatens Cassie but she tells him that she is taking precautions.

Kaleb and Davina finally get a chance to talk and they exchange stories about their past. Kaleb tells Davina that he knows all about, of course it's after he calls her gorgeous. This is where we finally see some link to a love story.

Finn and Cole (Kaleb) get into an argument as her approaches him and tells him to speed up the process. Davina answers a phone call from Marcel but refuses to talk and she returns to find her and Kaleb being ambushed by some angry hybrids.

Mikael has finally escaped from his entrapment which gives him all of the power, however he ends up saving Davina and the look on Cole's face when he sees who it is is priceless.

The game is completely changing now that a relentless Mikael is on the loose seeking Klaus' head.

Elijah rushes in to save Davina from Mikael and when he sees who it is he is completely in shock so much that it almost brings him death. Marcel tosses Davina her bracelet and she is able to control Mikael and send him back into her entrapment. Klaus and Cassie continue to have tea and it seems that she is giving him clues to who she really is.

He finally puts it all together and a lightbulb goes on in his head but he is approached by her protectors and he chooses to lay low.

Klaus tells Elijah that he met with Cassie and he says he swears that she is their mother.

He vows to kill her and Elijah interrupts him with even worst news, he tells him that Mikael is alive and being controlled by Davina.

Klaus then asks a major question, which one of their parents are they going to kill first. With Davina being in control of Mikael it would be in their best interest to try to gain her alliance so that they may keep him from getting to them. However, if their mother is out for blood, it means that they need to be careful of both sides of the sticky situation. Hayley brings her family to stay at the mansion with Klaus and Elijah.

Elijah begins to have a flashback of telling a daggered Cole that he has to sleep in order to keep Marcel from being corrupt. He left him to sleep to preserve the relationship being Klaus and Marcel.

He purposely let Marcel go to make sure the bond was strong between him and Klaus.

Elijah and Klaus leave Hayley and her pack to be alone in the home and move to somewhere else where they can further plot what to do. Cassie tries to gain control over Finn and Cole and Cole is is crossed with them both for letting harm come his way. Cassie shows her strength and the hold she has over over them.

Finn happened to be in the attic when the attack was going down and saw nothing and though Cole knows that it was their father that carried out the attack he lies and says he never saw a thing. Davina is gone and no one can find her now Marcel and Elijah are trying to gain each others trust and Marcel tells him that he needs to choose which side he is on.

Marcel says that if he wants allies he needs to be team vampire.

Marcel tells him that vampires exist because of him and that they will meed his help. Marcel has recruited Gia as a new vampire and he also recruits Elijah as her mentor.

"Alive and Kicking" continues romanticized and fictional take on the early days of the French Quarter in Louisiana. While many of the past episodes were dominated by werewolves, vampires and hybrids, it seems that with the resurgence of the Mikaelson mother and Davina's new control, that the witches are now beginning their reign.

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