Nico and Vinz Release the 'Cornerstone' EP

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The Norwegian stars behind the hit song "Am I Wrong," Nico and Vinz has added another series of songs to their discography with the release of the Cornerstone EP.

"Am I Wrong" was one of the biggest songs on 2014 and Nico and Vinz have began making a case once again to show their ability to create fun and uplifting music. Their brand new EP Cornerstone embraces the EDM sound that they were famous for with "Am I Wrong." Cornerstone is a mixture of catchy lyrics, infectious beats and deep meaning.

"Lay A Little Closer," "Our Love" and "Praying To A God" are the three electronic tracks featured on the EP.

Meanwhile, Nico and Vinz add an R&B twist with "Not For Nothing" while rounding out Cornerstone with their pop geared track "That's How You Know" featuring Kid Ink and Bebe Rexha. "That's How You Know" is a clever song where Nico and Vinz talk about going from huge artists and playing their hit all of the time to having to go back to Norway and start all over again.

The entire EP is pretty well done and features a little bit of everything in terms of what the guys are capable of.

It marks another new beginning for the duo and a very fresh one at that. You can check out the Cornerstone EP below.