#NextBigCharityChallenge trending on Twitter, who will it benefit?

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Like always, people across the world have taken to Twitter to voice their opinions, only this time it is to weigh in with thoughts as to that the next big charity challenge should be after the ALS Ice Bucket phenomenon runs its course.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge began in July and went viral after all kinds of celebrities posted videos of themselves participating to social media networks.

From Lebron James to the entire Kennedy Family
almost everyone with access to the Internet has participated in the challenge in one way, shape, or form which has left a void in our hearts that needs filling! After all, what would Instagram be like without 50 videos of your friends doing some outrageous activity to raise awareness for a terrible disease?

People have been coming up with all kinds of challenges that may take America by storm and below we've posted some of the best (and worst) ones that we found.

We have modesty challenges:

Some plain old mean challenges:

OK there's a lot of mean ones...

And some funny ones:

Voice your opinion about what the the #NextBigCharityChallenge should be by joining the conversation below.