New Trend: Make Up Transformation Meme

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The Make Up Transformation Meme is only the latest in a series of viral trends.

Last time we covered the fire challenge as the newest dumb trend that teenagers are participating in.

Although it is definitely not as dangerous, the way some kids, and even adults, are going about transforming themselves into other people and characters is a little bizarre.

There have been several instances of teens joining this trend by completely cutting their hair off in order to look like someone else and receive their for 15 seconds of fame.

Regardless we do have to give the originator props because some of the Make Transformation Memes we've been seeing actually are funny. Its nice to see a trend where nobody gets seriously injured like the Fire Challenge.

A Twitter account has popped up completely dedicated to showing the world the best Make Up Transformations and it seems some minor celebrities have even jumped on the band wagon and done their own transformations.

Take a look at Erwan Heussaff, better known as The Fat Kid Inside on YouTube, transform himself into Bogart.

Overall we have to give this trend a 7 / 10 for being fun but still making sure no one ends up in the hospital - or worse.