Netflix's 'Sense8' Cast Does a Global Hangout

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There has been a large amount of support surrounding Netflix's "Sense8."

In order to encourage that support, the entire cast logged into a Google hangout to answer questions from fans, hosted by Cali Lewis. Here are the five most important facts shared.

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"Sense8" Still has No Season 2
Yup, that's correct. There may be a lot of support for the show but it still hasn't been renewed. Brian J. Smith launched the whole thing off by answering fans most need to know question. "Sense8" still has not been renewed for a second season. He quickly followed it up with reassurance that all the and Netflix were highly invested and passionate about the show. Then why is it taking so long?

Lito and Nomi in the Mexican Museum
Jamie Clayton was asked how she prepared for the scene in the museum. For those who might not know, Nomi and Lito have a really deep conversation in a museum that brought tears to many viewers eyes.

Clayton reveled that there was no way that she could prepare for the scene.

It just a really emotionally exhausting scene. So much so, that every time they finished a take Clayton had to go off to the side to collect herself.

Cast Bonding
Smith starts the tale about how he took them out to a restaurant the first night they all got together. Of course, the food was horrible.

They all agree on that point but none of them look back on it with anything other than fondness.

Which is good, considering they then couldn't find their way back to the hotel. There's no better way to really get to know the people you're working with then to see how they react when lost.

Tuppence Middleton's New Hobby
Each actor shared what activities and hobbies they enjoy that relaxes them. Most of the cast named some kind of sport or an activity in the arts. Tuppence Middleton, however, responded with a very interesting relaxation hobby.

Middleton, is apparently, very fascinated with taxidermy. She likes it because of her interests in anatomy. Miguel Angel Silvestre, responded with the time Middleton confessed her hobby to him and Smith joked that she should stay away from his dog.

The "Sense8" Cast, in General
The whole cast is really funny and seem to get along well. There were a lot of jokes being thrown around.

Max Riemelt and Tina Desai were real cute when the question of what was each cast members hardest scene and they both giggled.

Aml Ameen had some really great insight about the whole experience and the things he found interesting. He really enjoyed the connection the show has brought in the form of the characters and it's global fanbase.

Global Hangout with the cast of Sense8