Neil Patrick Harris Talks 'Best Time Ever' & More on Howard Stern

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From Doogie Howser, M.D. to How I Met Your Mother, Neil Patrick Harris has had quite a successful television career and now he is looking to extend that with a new show, Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris. Harris stopped by the Howard Stern Sirius XM to talk about his new show and relive his beginnings.

Yesterday Howard Stern had legendary comedy pioneer Carol Burnett on his show and began his interview by joking comparing Burnett's variety show to Harris' Best Time Ever.

Harris quickly denied the comparison and said it features two hosts, the audience is included in the fun, there are game show elements as well as hidden camera elements.

"He said it's more like an America's Got Talent with a big finale. He said it's like a big party," according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard said Carol Burnett told him that she never wanted to do a sitcom where she does the same thing week after week. Neil said he did 9 years on How I Met Your Mother.

He said he loves playing Barney Stinson. He said it was a great character to play."

Harris' early success came with four seasons of Doogie Howser, M.D. followed by HIMYM making his television career among one of the most successful ones to date.

Harris' told Stern that he came out to his mother when he was 20-years-old and when he was younger he was always a very theatrical kid.

He spoke about going back to high school and being one of the last kids to go through puberty.

He later one explained how he got the role in Purple People Eater and what it was like to work on the film.

"He said that he was going to be the boy in the movie and they had Little Richard and other people like Shelly Winters. Neil said she was crazy pants," according to the MarksFriggin report.

"Neil said he went and did the movie and he had a lot of energy. He said Dustin Diamond was in it too. Howard said Dustin said that Neil offended everyone on the set. Neil said the director, Linda Shane, was very stressed over the production.

He said that Shelly Winters would refuse to come out of her trailer because they didn't have a pillow for her. He said he was like 12 and one day Linda unleashed on him and said if the movie is a failure it was his fault.

He said he thinks that she was trying to motivate him. Neil said at the end of the shoot he burst into tears."

Harris' got the role of Doogie Howser when he was 17-years-old and Stern said that his parents moved out to L.A. with him and was on set at all times. His working hours were limited and he had three hours of school a day in 20 minute increments.

Harris admitted to smoking a lot of pot after turning 17 and renting a house of his own. He also admitted to being with Eden Sassoon for sometime and that he had also dated Robin Lively.

Stern and Harris' conversation briefly turned into a report on his sexual encounters with women in the fast and was quite detailed.

"Howard said Neil eventually came out to his parents and then he did the Tony Robins thing where he told him to embrace Doogie and don't be afraid of it," according to the report.

"Neil said that Tony is great. He said he had to commit to do a group kind of thing and go see Tony."

From internet chat rooms, having Nicole Scherzinger as his co-host on Best Time Ever and hanging out with Elton John to not believing that Howard Stern is done with "America's Got Talent," the interview was both enlightening and entertaining.