Is Natalie Nunn On Her Way To Having Her Own Oxygen Show?: Posts Instagram Photo Of Oxygen Pop

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Reality TV star Natalie Nunn made her debut on Oxygen as part of the "Bad Girls Club" from 2009 but could she be on her way to a new show on the network?

Nunn has tweeted and posted a photo to Instagram showing a lollipop with the Oxygen logo.

The caption of the photo read, "Long day GREAT DAY THO STAY TUNED !!" as if there was something more that her 32 K Twitter and 444K Instagram fans needed to keep an eye out for.

Following that photo, she posted a photo from her car which showed that she was listening to T.I.'s "About The Money," featuring Young Thug. Though the song is something to ride to at anytime, an Oxygen post, stay tuned and a song about the money is the perfect concoction for a new show or so.

The caption of the photo read, "Up at 6am meetings IF IT AINT ABOUTTT THE MONEYYYY," again alluding to the fact that she is going to some type of meeting but unfortunately she does not give her fans any more information.

Nunn was in the news earlier last week for throwing some shots at Amber Rose. "In an epic 8 minute Youtube rant, Natalie slammed Amber for booing a cameo on the Bad Girls Club Season 7 and appearing on their Barbados trip," reported 'Amber Rose decided to go to Barbados the same weekend as the Bad Girls Club next season the one that's taping right now and try to show the f**k up. B**ch you got me real f**ked up.

You want me to tell you why b**ch. Because I'm already two steps ahead of you...

and now you f**kin ni**as I already been did, and now you wanna jump on the bandwagon I already been ran. B**ch the mother f**kin' bad girls club is my s**t ho.'"

Her relationship with the network and the "Bad Girls Club" series would suggest that it wouldn't be too crazy for Nunn to maybe have her own show on the network.