'Naked and Afraid XL' Recap: The Most Extreme '40 Days & 40 Nights'

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What Discovery has done with their show "Naked and Afraid" is turn it up a bunch of notches. The super-sized "Naked and Afraid XL" looks to be one of the most successful mashups of past contestants.

The action continues with "40 Days & 40 Nights" featuring Alana, Chris, Dani Beau, Dani Julien, EJ, Eva, Hakim, Honora, Jeff, Laura, Luke and Shane.

On the second episode of season five, the teams meet up and begin facing challenges. Team one consists of Dani Beau (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) Alana (Facebook, Twitter) and Shane (Facebook) in El Bosque. Their team is given a XLR rating of 7.6 to start.

If you remember from our recap of episode one, the XLR is based on the average of each contestants PSR. Team two consists of EJ (Facebook, Twitter), Hakim (Facebook) and Jeff (Facebook, Twitter) who are inserted into Roca Diablo with an XLR of 7.9.

The third team consists of Dani Julien (Twitter, Instagram), Eva (Twitter, Instagram) and Laura (Twitter, Facebook) who are inserted into Rio Negro with an XLR of 8.2 and finally, the last team is Honora (Facebook), Chris (Facebook) and Luke (Facebook, Twitter) starting with a 7.8 XLR.

The action kicked off with a brief reminder of what everyone is here for and what team they will be on. The contestants are making their way into their respective areas of insertion. The next step is the classic strip down.

Everyone gets naked and takes one last breath before they jump into their 40 Days and 40 Nights. The contestants don't know who their teammates are so it was interesting to see what happened when they first met.

Hakim and Jeff find each other and they have become friends outside of the show. They are headed towards water so that they can stay hydrated in the heat.

As EJ makes his way to find his teammates he gets a bit of hydration from a cactus. He is then greeted by screams and shouts and seemed to be very pleased that they were coming from Hakim and Jeff. They then began their search for shelter.

Meanwhile Eva and Laure met in Rio Negro and they too have become friends outside of the show. They seem to be on the same page right away and began looking for water.

Dani Julien got lost in Rio Negro and wondered away from her teammates. She is forced to build her own shelter and wait it out until she can travel again.

In Cano Verde Luke was alone at first while Chris and Honora got acquainted. Chris was concerned with having Honora as a partner because of her track record with survival. Luke stumbles upon Chris and Honora and Chris says Honora is lucky to have him and Chris. In El Bosque Shane, Dani Beau and Alana meet up.

Dani and Shane met first and already had conflict over building shelter. Dani isn't feeling the platform and the idea of exerting energy right away.

Shane has to appease Dani and it wasn't too long before Alana joined the party. Shane is surprised by the fact that there are three people but he is fine as long as they can all work together.

Alana brought her own shelter building skills in and once again they were having conflicting issues. This team looks destined for drama. As night fell, Dani, Shane and Alana get some sleep. The other Dani is still alone listening to an anaconda wade through the water.

By day two she is safe and she's survived the night. However, she was very swollen and her eye looked inflated.

She found a plant that will serve as anti-inflammatory to help the swelling. Eva and Laura were looking for a better site to build a shelter but they had trouble finding fresh water.

Shane is building a platform shelter but Dani and Alana are hanging out and conserving their energy. Alana urged Shane to take a break and he revealed in his confession interview that he sought women's attention.

Shane revealed his rough upbringing and Dani B doesn't think he's mentally stable.

Alana is also scared because Shane seems to be proud of being a bit unstable. Alana said that she was more worried by Shane rather than the vicious animals.

The all male team of Jeff, Hakim and EJ are exerting a lot of energy find shelter. They want to try to find a source of hydration and Hakim is struggling with the heat. Hakim is use to a colder environment nonetheless, the three find a place to set up shelter.

After three and a half hours they each lost 1,000 calories. They were really behind with a shelter and Hakim had to stop multiple times due to cramps.

EJ set out to find water while Jeff and Hakim kept plugging away at their shelter. Jeff is worried about Hakim's extreme cramps and it looks like a weakness has been exposed.

Luke, Chris and Honora managed to catch a small lizard for lunch. They snacked on a cockroach and a lizard so that they have some type of protein in their body.

Eva and Laura are a bit comfortable but Eva was feeling the effects of dehydration.

Laura and Eva had to boil the murky water after failing to find fresh water. They are having a hard time making a fire and things get worse when Eva seriously cuts he hand near the bone.

Eva cannot stop the bleeding from the injury and a field medic was called in. She needed stitches and could either quit the challenge and go to the hospital or have it stitched without anesthesia. She chooses to go the hardcore route and took it like a champ.

Dani is still alone and wondering and it's a bit humorous to watch. She is trying to find a way to get clean water and digs a gypsy well. She risked sickness but she just needed hydration.

Hakim is still struggling and Jeff and EJ watched on very worried. Jeff advises him to go 24 hours before making a decision. Shane, Alana and Dani B had a hard time as well. Dani B had a high fever, bad headache and suffered from dizziness.

Alana and Shane can't seem to remedy her sickness. Shane tries to go hunting for food and finds a mango tree.

As he is climbing the tree he takes a pretty nasty fall. Dani J had a small victory with the swelling as it cleared up.

Shane failed while climbing the tree and had a bit of a breakdown. He prayed a bit before attempting a second climb and had much more success.

Shane managed to get a lot of mangoes but Alana is not impressed and thinks that he has his own agenda.

Dani is even a bit more ungrateful by saying that it takes three more days for the mangoes to be edible instead of thanking him for getting them.

Hakim still struggled with cramping and by the next day he couldn't even sit up. He had severe heat exhaustion and was risking organ failure. It's so bad it brought him to tears and Jeff told him that he would regret it if Hakim pushed himself and got seriously hurt.

Hakim wanted to make the responsible choice and he tapped out, proving that the all male team isn't as strong as it was hyped to be.

EJ and Jeff were rocked by the news and realized how important water was. Hakim is the first of the twelve to tap out.

"40 Days & 40 Nights" adds another notch in the "Naked and Afraid XL" experience that is pretty much what fans might have anticipated.

This time it seems much more dangerous with the teams going through some pretty heavy personality clashes, hardships in terms of conditions and overall mental state.

See what happens when Discovery continues to show what happens when strangers are put out in the harsh wilderness, "Naked and Afraid."