'Naked and Afraid XL' Recap: 'Dirty Dozen Return Special' Season 5 Episode 10

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The drama that ensued on Discovery's "Naked and Afraid" is not over and tonight on the "Dirty Dozen Return" reunion special, everything will be aired out especially Shane's hardships with his team and Honora's argument with Chris and Luke.

Dani Beau (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) Alana (Facebook, Twitter), Shane (Facebook), EJ (Facebook, Twitter), Hakim (Facebook), Jeff (Facebook, Twitter), Dani Julien (Twitter, Instagram), Eva (Twitter, Instagram), Laura (Twitter, Facebook), Honora (Facebook), Chris (Facebook) and Luke (Facebook, Twitter) made their return and things got pretty emotional and pretty out of hand.

It even got a little disrespectful at times but what's good ole reality if there isn't any of that right?

The fun began as the twelve veterans came together. Chris said when he first got home he was looking out for Luke because they were so accustomed to having each other. Jeff confirmed that by saying he would text EJ when he's having breakfast. It's all pretty much jokes and fun before the groups dive into Day one of the challenge which was especially difficult for some.

Meanwhile Honora, Chris and Luke were having some fun with a lizard meal. Chris, Alana and the rest of the group said that they don't think the viewers know how difficult it is to be dropped into one of these situations without help.

Jeff went over a story about being bitten on the private parts. Shane said that he would actually give up tools for a pair of shoes which spurs a demonstration on the proper way to walk barefooted.

Shane says that he prepared for the challenge by walking in a box full of shells and stones. Shane was not worried about Dani B being a vegetarian at first. Dani B said that she wanted to mentally prepare herself for hunting and eating an animal but she was more of a harvesters.

Jeff said that they were the twelve best people suited for the challenge and they were surprised.

Hakim has a really tough time early on and said that he wanted to help his group by stepping away. He parted ways much earlier.

There was some pretty awesome footage of the group of twelve and the crew interacting. Meanwhile Laura, Eva and Dani J spoke briefly about self-preservation before the conflict between Shane and Alana's conflict along with Honora and her group is previewed. Luke says everyone should work as a tribe but they all haven't lived in a community like that before.

Jeff says that surviving the wild is easy for him but when he realized there was other people he was more terrified of that.

Laura says she would split things up any day if it meant she would have her crew with her.

Then the sparks began to fly a bit. The conflict between Honora, Chris and Luke was highlighted. Honora felt marginalized by the group and explained that she felt belittled when Chris chucked the mango into the dirt. Chris says that her effort didn't seem to matter, he says she freaked out because she was bi-polar. As they watch the meltdown between the group once more the infamous moment Honora threw the tools in the water was in full view.

Chris and Honora went back and forth for a bit and Jeff said a conflict like this was the reason he was scared to be among other people. Luke says that Honora always went to a place of victimhood rather than take a bit of ownership. Honora said that she felt judged right off the bat and called Chris an asshole.

Chris says it wasn't a witch hunt and Honora said Chris just thought her ideas were bad because she was a woman and she had it. Honora called Chris a chauvinistic pig.

Meanwhile, Jeff explains the moment of the challenge where the contestants felt he was a jerk. Eva said it was very uncharacteristic of Jeff who said he was trying to avoid the drama. Laura also brought up that she didn't expect it from EJ either.

EJ apologizes for not being the guy that kept the group together and the entire group pretty much accepts it. The next conflict that is addressed is the one between Shane and mainly Alana.

He explains he was hurt by the fact that Alana and Dani B clicked and he was an outsider. Shane said it was very difficult for him.

Shane did say that he thinks the choice he made was not the best. He also said that he didn't think any amount of conversation would relieve the moment. Alana and Shane seem a bit more civil than Honora, Luke and Chris. Shane had a hard time surviving and became very emotional.

You can see Alana wince and feel bad about what she said to Shane as the footage aired. She says she had no idea that it had that much affect on him.

Shane said for him to leave his group and then come back it was hard.

Meanwhile some pretty harsh things were said by Dani B on a diary cam and they were aired out for Shane to hear. It was quickly explained and no longer a topic.

Shane did find haven with EJ and Jeff. EJ makes sure that he lets Shane and the rest of the group know that Shane does have serious skills. Shane gets extremely emotional and thanks EJ and Jeff for their help.

In a pretty shocking twist Alana says she just wants to give shane a hug and they hug it out. Then comes the exploration of another emotional rift that came between Dani Julien and pretty much both of her groups.

Dani J was a loner for most of the time and she was able to see everything that Dani and Alana were saying about her behind her back. Honora actually weighs in and said that often times people in that position feels as if they have to cannibalize their partners. Chris says it wasn't anything personal and she said it was more surprising to her that no one approached her about it. EJ said he felt helpless because he didn't know all of the facts. Laura said that it was a bit too deep for them to fix.

Dani J says that they all said some pretty hurtful things and began crying a lot. She asks what is wrong with all of them as if to say how could they say such horrible things.

Luke owns up to it and apologizes to Dani J, Eva apologizes as well and she hugs it out with Dani. Dani says the group apologizing makes the world of difference and apologizes herself.

After all of the emotions come triumph. Everyone especially Laura talks about how much they enjoyed Jeff and EJ screaming because it brought positivity and joy. The group dishes a bit of advice for viewers who think they are up to taking the challenge. Dani congratulates everyone who made it and says she is proud of everyone that made it.

One of the most rewarding feeling for the group was seeing the boats at extraction and all of the food that was waiting for them. Jeff stayed up eating Oreos and peanut all night on the night after extraction.

The reunion with family and friends was much more meaningful after the challenge.

Emotions on the "Dirty Dozen Return" reunion special ranged from happy and emotional to downright angry and combative. There are a lot of high moments where the group was pretty insightful about things that would help them in their situation.

Not everyone was on their best behavior but all of the conflicts were aired out that's for sure.

It will be interesting to see if "Naked and Afraid" continues to push the envelope with a second "Naked and Afraid XL" as well as how the next batch of "Naked and Afraid" contestants will do next season.