'Naked and Afraid XL' Recap: '40 Days Falling Apart' Season 5 Episode 8

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This week on Discovery's "Naked and Afraid XL" the team is one person slower after Shane tapped out in the last episode.

This leaves nine of the 12 contestants left to battle out in "40 Days Falling Apart," episode eight of season five.

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In "40 Days Falling Apart," Honora's (Facebook, Instagram) tapping out was the best thing that happened to the super team of Chris (Facebook) and Luke (Facebook, Twitter), Dani Julien (Twitter, Instagram), Eva (Twitter, Instagram) and Laura (Twitter after they joined EJ (Facebook, Twitter) and Jeff (Facebook who are now coping with the loss of Twitter) and Shane (Facebook) after he tapped out in order to make the challenge easier on his teammates and also to be cautious with his health. Facebook) Dani Beau (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) Alana (Facebook, Twitter) joined the larger team but Dani B is still struggling to find sustenance for herself with her being a vegetarian.

With Shane, Honora and Hakim gone it wouldn't be surprising to see another one of the participants submit to the dangerous jungle of Colombia. See all the XLR's here.

Things start out foreshadowing a conflict to come when Jeff scores it big once again. The teams are on day 31 and EJ has a bow and arrow strapped to his back as he goes hunting for a bird. He sets out leaving Jeff at camp.

They have been the two most successful teammates. They go out from sun up to dun down to fish and hunt while the super team is being a bit lazy and just seem to be laying around.

The group of seven only seems to be going after bugs like crickets, ants and tarantulas.

The group of seven is breaking down a lot faster than EJ and Jeff. Dani B is especially feeling the effects because she is a vegetarian and refuses to eat an animal to stay alive. She is forced to cook two little cashews as she tries to maintain her beliefs.

She is saving her stash of mangoes and cashews for days 38 and 39 for when she really needs it. Alana and the rest of the team begins talking about Dani Julien behind he back and even start to resent her.

Meanwhile, she says she's struggling to be a part of the group and the walks help her. She spots a group of river otters splashing around and wants to go swimming with them but decides to stay put.

The rest of her team is suffering from severe protein deficiency and Laura continues to hunt lizards but it's simply not enough. The team of seven is getting tired and worn out and they are begging for another eel. Laura spots a ray and the rest of the team closes in to try to help. They are being very careful not to get near the barb of the ray or it could be costly.

Alana strikes and falls in the water. She has to be careful not to get stung and manages to escape unscathed.

Chris manages to kill the ray which still looks pretty small to share between seven teammates.

They don't plan on sharing it with the other men on the island either which might come back to bite them in the butts later on.

EJ walks in on the team roasting lunch and he wasn't even offered a taste.

EJ leaves the camp pretty disappointed that their generosity and respect hasn't been returned. Jeff is let in on the situation and decides that maybe he is sharing too much with a team who isn't as gracious. By day 32, the super team decides to go lizard hunting and Dani Julien leaves once again as Chris is annoyed after not getting enough sleep. Chris says everyone else is working hard but Dani Julien hasn't been pulling her weight and approaches her about it.

He tells her she's not putting work in and is reaping her benefits of it. She apologizes to the rest of the group for her lack of effort and asks that they communicate with her with things that are needed.

Alana and Eva dig into Dani Julien and they tell her they have a hard time trusting her. She assures them she is doing the best she can and will work on being a better group member.

Jeff sets out to kill yet another eel that he's been stalking for some time. He will cast his hook out and see if he can capture his third eel before extraction day. Eva brings a dead squirrel that's fairly fresh and the group is pretty happy.

However, they aren't sure if it has rabies or other diseases or how long it's been sitting in the sun. Chris is pretty hellbent on eating the squirrel and they decide to skewer it up.

The team enjoys the delicious squirrel and Luke ate the spinal cord without asking about possible diseases. Dani J isolates herself and thinks about joining up with EJ and Jeff.

She finds EJ and Jeff the next day and it looks as if she's going to be bargaining for a spot on their team. She wants to survive nature not people and that is something that EJ and Jeff can relate to.

Jeff says that they don't want to make it a trio but they will offer support where they can.

They say that they just want to be her shoulder to lean on if necessary but she should continue on the path she's been on.

Jeff and EJ don't want to play high school games or deal with a third partner.

EJ is stalking and hunting and finds a six foot cayman right in front of him. He aims his bow but barely misses the cayman as he waddles back into the water. Meanwhile, Jeff is checking his hook which was snagged.

He does see the five foot eel and begins stalking for the kill. He catches it on his own and yells for EJ even after being shocked. The group of seven hears the commotion and Chris asks if he needs help but Jeff insists that he's got it.

Jeff says it's no disrespect but it's a team thing and Chris takes it as a "Jeff and EJ thing." Jeff continues to get shocked as he kills the eel and yells in triumph.

Jeff is now struggling with whether or not he is going to share this time around.

Jeff is proving to be the ultimate hunter and his screams are making the team of seven pretty jealous. He thanks god for the eel that he was able to capture and is battling with whether or not he is giving too much. He says he thinks he is just blessed and with the eel draped over his shoulders, he apologizes to Chris and says he was a d**k. They accept his apologies and he tells them that they are all eating.

Everyone is happy and EJ and Jeff have another scream off out of happiness. They all know that Jeff has been the big MVP for the entire time at Piranha Lake and they are able to eat because of him.

He wanted to do the right thing and be strong.

The women at in the large group are talking about Dani Julien behind her back unaware that she hears them. Dani is upset with what she hears and starts to wonder if she's like Shane. She doesn't want to be subjected to that anymore and says she wants to go home. She approaches the group that night and tells them she feels like they are all working against her and she doesn't know what she did wrong.

She asks that they tell her if they don't want to be there. Laura says she doesn't want to waste her breath on this, Eva says she isn't sure about her distrust and finally Chris says he doesn't want to waste effort breaking her walls down.

It all inevitably leads to Dani setting up her own camp and keeping to herself.

It's day 33 and Jeff realizes that there is a lot of drama over at the other camp and is happy that he isn't a part of it. On day 34, Dani Julien wakes up and says that she wasn't prepared for what happened last night. She says she was hurt and can't defend herself. She saves a frog from a snake and it served as a metaphor for her situation.

Dani Julien taps out of the "Naked and Afraid XL" challenge. EJ wished her the best and tells the rest of the team of seven that she tapped out. The team of seven isn't bothered by it at all and it's purely mental for everyone else.

The XLR for EJ and Jeff raises to 8.5. The group of seven's XLR drops to 7.1

"40 Days Falling Apart" shows that the challenge by no means gets easier for here on out. The teams are struggling and particularly those who have different diet habits than the other contestants.

Piranha Lake is now getting less crowded as the march to the end of the challenge grows tougher.

See what happens when Discovery continues to show what happens when strangers are put out in the harsh wilderness, "Naked and Afraid XL."