'Naked and Afraid' Recap: 'Debbie & Bo' Season 4 Episode 10, Surthrive

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This week as Discovery's "Naked and Afraid" continues to give fans a double dose of nudity, Debbie Harris and Bo Stuart will strip down naked and find out if they can survive the rainforests of Guyana in episode 10 of season four.

Debbie Harris (Facebook) is a 31-year-old female from Wisconsin, she is a registered nurse and grew up in rural Iowa. She spent a lot of time hunting and fishing with her family and she is excited about gaining more confidence.

She is a medically trained outdoors woman who is determined to make it through the 21 days in Guyana.

Debbie (Twitter) is adapted to Northern environments but has not tested her skills in tropical temperatures which will make it hard for her on tonight's challenge.

She's never spent more than one night away from her children so that will also tell on her mental ability as well. Her starting PSR will be a 6.2.

She says she isn't nervous about being in Guyana, however, she is nervous about being naked in front of a complete stranger.

Meanwhile, her partner doesn't have a problem with that. Debbie's skills include "Wild edibles, Shelter construction, Bow drill, Hunting, Fishing, Water purification and First aid," according to Discovery.

Bo Stuart (Facebook) is a 44-year-old U.S. Army Special Forces officer (Green Beret) from Virginia. He says he doesn't have anything to prove to anyone and is doing the challenge to see if he can get through it.

Bo also says he wants to be in the leadership role which might pose some problems with his partner.

He is very confident and determined to make it through the 21 days and with his training as a Green Beret, it shouldn't be too hard.

He has a take-charge attitude but is very skilled at adapting to his environment. That being said, as a Green Beret there are many tools and a lot of gear that they use to help them, this time, he has nothing but the one item he chooses to bring with him.

He starts off with a PSR of 7.3 a whole 1.1 point above his partner. Bo's skills include "Shelter construction, primitive fire, hunting and fishing," according to Discovery.

The two contestants strip their clothes off and wade through the water to meet each other. The meeting seems pretty normal as Bo makes a joke about both having the same uniform. They move quickly out of the water to escape the caiman and search for shelter.

They find their bags where Bo has a fishing net and Debbie has a machete. They also have a bow-drill fire starter. They have to avoid venomous coral snakes, caiman and bugs.

Bo tells Debbie that she needs to be careful of where she steps. As they get acquainted they come across a possible place to build a shelter, Debbie realizes that Bo has an alpha male kind of thinking. He's moving a mile a minute and doesn't give Debbie much input.

They construct a shelter as she takes direction from him and it's pretty interesting. Bo tells Debbie that building a fire is out of the question which she doesn't take to nicely.

She said she needed to get away for a bit and heads over to the tree to think. Debbie comes back and confronts Bo early about his way of thinking and he quickly apologizes for being a boss.

Night falls and the wildlife is rampant around them. They are bug free because of the mosquito net so sleeping is a bit comfy that is until they see and feel ants biting them all over. They need to move shelter but they decide to find some drinking water.

Bo still seems a bit bossy but he does have a point when it comes to getting and keeping hydrated.

Just then, they stumble upon caiman in the water. Debbie is frightened and yells for Bo to get out of the water as they both realize they need to find a safer spot to drink.

It's breeding season in the area and caiman will stop at nothing to protect their eggs. They take the chance and begin drinking the water straight from the river without purifying it. The next step is to move their shelter away from the ants and Bo already starts blurting out ideas and Debbie is on board for the first night.

They are working together really well and after moving shelter start to work on fire. However, the rain sets in and they are able to get some fresh water.

The rain is relentless and there is no dry kindle for their fire so that is on hold for yet another day. The evening is warm and they choose to use the net as a blanket.

Debbie felt a little uncomfortable relying on each other for body heat and wants to find some pieces of cloth for her to cover up. Bo actually provides Debbie with cloth to make a bra. Then, it's time to start a fire.

They begin using the bow-drill and Debbie finds that she doesn't have enough energy. Bo takes over but he is racing to make a fire agains the threat of rain.

Bo continues to plug away and Debbie tries to give him a bit of direction which proves to work.

Their teamwork is among some of the best of any episode this season. By day four Debbie is covered in bites from flies and mosquitos. Debbie chooses to watch the fire while Bo goes looking for food. He finds a few nuts that have grubs which are a good source of protein. They chow down on some grubs and while Debbie thinks it's disgusting, she realizes the importance of food. After steaming the grubs they are much more enjoyable.

Bo and Debbie decide to put his net out to catch some fish but it's very dangerous with the caiman lurking all over. Fishing is not working out even though they know there are fish all over the water. They decide to make a fish basket to help the search for food.

With the trap set they enjoy a good nights sleep. With no caiman in sight Debbie checks the trap and there is a fish inside, however, Debbie accidentally lets the fish go.

Bo remains optimistic and builds a new type of spear to try and manually catch fish. He manages to catch a big catfish for them to snack on. Bo is scoring big time and his partner is able to reap the benefits. They enjoy the roasted catfish and Debbie thanks Bo for the meal.

The next day they check their fish trap to find a caiman inside. They head up to shore all the way and are excited to eat the caiman but Debbie is responsible for the kill this time.

Bo finishes the kill off and these two are really amazing as partners. They butcher the caiman and see that there are tapeworms inside, but they work quickly to kill it off.

Later on they enjoy their first caiman together. By day 14 the two are such pros at survival they are building furniture and tool racks. They continue to trap day after day to try and increase their kills. As they hunt for snakes, there isn't much luck until Bo catches a boa.

They are eating everything they can get their hands on. The rain is bringing in much cooler temperatures and they are starting to worry about their fire.

They are trapped in their shelter and the rain could bring dangerous animals towards the shelter. The rain is relentless and Bo and Debbie are being bitten by dangerous sand flies.

The rain finally stops on extraction day and they must make their way to a native village. They cautiously wade through the caiman infested waters once again and Bo spots two caiman lurking. They realize that there are way more than two, closing off one of their paths.

They make it to land and the vegetation makes it very hard to see.

After hours of walking, they find the village and they have completed the 21 days in stylish fashion. Debbie ends the challenge with a PSR of 6.9 while Bo's PSR also increases to 8.3.

"Surthrive" was another heavy notch in the "Naked and Afraid" belt of high intensity episodes.

It showed how partners who worked together can get through anything, even the tough rainforests of Guyana. Fans can catch another all new "Naked and Afraid" next week on Sunday at 10 PM EST on Discovery.