'Naked and Afraid' Recap: 'Dani & Charlie' Season 4 Episode 7, 'Colombian Conflict'

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Things get a little crazy this week as Dani Beau and Charlie Frattini strip down bare naked in "Colombian Conflict," the seventh episode of the fourth season of Discovery's "Naked and Afraid."

Dani (Instagram) is a 25-year-old student from New Jersey. Dani (Facebook) is a vegetarian, wilderness EMT, volunteer search and rescue, rock climbing animal lover who believes in respecting nature and all living creatures.

Immediately her climber mentality kicks in when she sees all of the awesome trees around her (Twitter).

Amazingly enough, Dani has been a vegetarian since she was 4-years-old, has never killed or eaten an animal.

That could be a pretty big weakness when it comes to surviving "Naked and Afraid." She's pretty confident and strong-minded but her lack of taking direction might be her downfall in "Colombian Conflict."

"Born in Philadelphia, PA and raised in South Jersey, Dani would accompany and learn from her father on many camping trips, hiking trips, and backpacking trips across the east coast, all from a very young age.

This fueled her desire to learn and study wilderness skills," according to Discovery. her survival skills include, "building shelter, cordage, weaving, wilderness medicine, water purification, plant identification, tracking, navigation, environment adaptation and of course minimalist living."

Charlie (Facebook) is Dani's bulky, 52-year-old, ex-marine partner who seems ready to take on the Colombian jungle in "Naked and Afraid." While he's not scared of his surroundings he is naturally concerned about what he sees and hears around him. He's a professional construction worker and like his profession he's a tough no-holds-bar kind of guy.

He's also a New Yorker which explains his "tell-it-like-it-is" attitude.

His experience of survival in the jungles of South American will be very crucial to his survival in "Colombian Conflict." The problem might come along when his take charge attitude meets Dani's non-direction taking attitude.

Charlie (Twitter) is originally from Brooklyn, and lives with his youngest son on a "3-1/2 acre plot of land in Westchester County, New York surrounded by over 900 acres of 'forever wild' forests" according to Discovery.

All of his survival skills come from his time overseas as a Marine.

Once the two personalities meet in nothing but their bare skin everything is pretty easy going. They seem to be very gung-ho about the opportunity but there are some serious conflicts ahead in this episode of "Naked and Afraid." Charlie and Dani need to find a water source and campsite before nightfall. There are countless amounts of poisonous snakes, frogs and huge cayman.

Charlie lets Dani know where he got his skills and she drops the bomb that she's a vegetarian. Dani starts with a PSR of 6.9 while Charlie starts with a 7.2.

As they travel through the jungle in the 102 degree weather the finally find their home. Charlie brought his curved machete for the challenge and quickly puts it to use by cutting bamboo for a shelter. Dani urges him to relax when she recognizes the signs of dehydration in Charlie.

Charlie does actually listed to Dani and rests for the evening while Dani starts a fire. Charlie is impressed by Dani's skills and his first taste of water gives him some added hydration for the journey.

In the evening the two team mates hear howler monkeys all around them and Charlie keeps his machete close. The team doesn't get much sleep the first night but get to work on making their shelter in the morning. As Dani gives her log, Charlie cuts himself and begins bleeding.

She tries to give him some advice on how to stop the bleeding but he's insistent on doing it his own way. Charlie continues to build the shelter and they are pressed to finish it.

It's finished a looks great so they move on to finding some food. While Dani looks for some vegetarian styled treats, Charlie looks for some river muscles or snails.

Charlie tries Dani's wild leaves but he truly need meat. Charlie finds some water and risks testing it despite the fact that they have proper purification devices. They are bugged by ticks all evening that night but they still survive.

Charlie is feeling great after drinking the water the day before but Dani is struggling.

Charlie volunteers to get the water for her but she's very insistent on going. There is a conflict between the two and Dani can't stand being bossed around.

Dani is clearly angry with Charlie and issues him a slight silent treatment. She feels disrespected and when Charlie tries to make things better by explaining his concerns, Dani just snaps back with her own comments. Later on Charlie realizes that trying to be helpful really backfired for him.

Dani tells him that she doesn't like being told what to do and he quickly apologizes. It's a pretty quiet night for the two and the next morning Charlie finds some underwater snails.

He grabs them and begins roasting them much to Dani's distaste.

She really taken back by cooking animals alive, even if it's a snail. She feels that everything deserves respect and out of respect for Dani Charlie lets the remaining snails go. Charlie cuts himself again with the Khukiri and the blood is flowing.

Dani comes to find her partners cut and despite her warning, Charlie is really stubborn.

He finally comes to his sense and apologizes and Dani fixes him right up. They seem to be getting a long much better and that night even talk about food.

Charlie needs protein and he sets an old fashioned trap to catch a land animal while he sets traps for crawfish. Dani finds some yellow flowers that she can snack on. It's been days since Charlie has had some protein and he takes up fishing.

Dani has better luck finding some red almonds and she is feeling much better.

Charlie begins to worry when he can't seem to catch something to eat and it's troubling him. Dani notices that Charlie isn't as talkative and is showing signs of frustration.

Dani ends up finding a toad and though she's never killed an animal she knows her partner needs it. She grabs the toad and brings it to Charlie so he do the dirty work. Charlie is moved by the gesture and he's very appreciative.

He begins preparing his frog and sees a lot more upbeat now that he has food.

The day before extraction Dani and Charlie must build a raft to get through the cayman filled water. On the night they had to dismantle their shelter for resources it decides to rain, ironic right?

The final day is upon them and they begin their two mile hike. Charlie is struggling to walk because his feet are in pain. Once they find bamboo they begin building a raft but not before Charlie is attacked by angry bees.

they begin traveling along the river with cayman lurking around them. As night falls, they are at the mercy of the wildlife around them and they have to pull over to rest.

Charlie keeps watch for cayman and it looks like he finds one right near them.

They escape a close call with a cayman and Charlie keeps his Khukiri close just incase. Dani and Charlie paddle another two miles to the Caribbean Sea but once they get there they have to swim through a power currant.

They attack the challenge like champs and come out on top. Dani and Charlie finish with a PSR of 7.5.

"Colombian Conflict" really put two strong-minded and stubborn individuals together which is always the perfect recipe for conflict. The two really needed to work together if they were going to survive the jungles of Colombia.

As the fourth season continues more teams are realizing that it's not easy to survive in the wilderness naked with only the resources around you to rely on.

Fans will have to tune in next week as two new contestants try to survive "Naked and Afraid."