'Naked and Afraid' Recap: 'Angela & Darrin' Season 4 Episode 6, 'Land of the Rats'

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Yet another week and another team stripped down bare naked on Discovery's "Naked and Afraid," featuring Angela Mellinger and Darrin Reay who take on Thailand in, "Land of the Rats" for season four's sixth episode.

Angela Mellinger (Twitter) is 36-year-old married and an Executive Recruiter and Cross country coach from Pennsylvania. She understands that the beautiful island she is approaching might look picture perfect, however, it contains a large amount of potential dangers as she tries to survive naked. She is on "Naked and Afraid" to prove to his father and many others like him that she can make it in a primal setting.

Angela (LinkedIn) is a marathon runner so she seems quite fit. Her beginning PSR is 6.1 due to her lack of experience.

"Angela believes that survival depends more on having a strong personality and heart than technical skills," according to Discovery.

"She might not have done anything this extreme before, but she knows she has the physical endurance and mental strength to overcome any challenge."

Angela's teammate for tonights nude survival challenge is 33-year-old Darrin Reay from Utah. He seems pretty excited and pumped up but admits that he's never been in an environment like Thailands far off island. Darrin is a rock climbing guide and backcountry chef.

Darrin has spent plenty of time in the mountains so it looks like he's going to be bringing some neat skills with him to the challenge.

His initial PSR is set at a very high 7.8 due to his excellent experience but loner style of living.

His skills include, "Flint knapping and Paleolithic tool construction, primitive fire making, primitive hunting/fishing/trapping, tracking and mountaineering," according to Discovery. "Darrin was born on the Wind River in Wyoming and grew up in Sheridan, Wyoming.

He spent all his time hunting and fishing in the woods and mountains of the area, or roaming the hills of his uncle's ranch.

His quest to learn to live off the land started very early in life as a profound love for nature and as a way to connect with his Native American heritage."

Both contestants seem pretty open to being naked and look to get along with Angela describing Darrin as having a wild Tarzan look with a laid back personality. They are pretty quick to begin the journey after getting the awkwardness of being naked out of the way.

Angela brought a machete as her tool and Darrin brought some rope but in addition they are given a primitive fire starter.

They must brave diseases carrying rats, monkeys and the extremely toxic king cobra. The team gets to know each other pretty well during their hike to shelter.

Darrin begins judging Angela due to her nail polish and makeup. They are pretty spooked by the monkeys roaring above. Darrin goes through a pretty impressive list of food that he's eaten including chipmunks and porcupines.

Angela realizes that they are both very different individuals but Darrin admits that he's never been in a situation with another human being before. They come across a clean cave and Darrin begins talking a lot more than Angela is used to.

He's very eager to teach the skills that he has but it seems as if he has a bit of difficulty lighting the fire until finally succeeding.

Darrin has a very childish nature to him but the two seem to be getting along so far.

He's awaken by a rat crawling over him and soon both he and Angela are attacked by a bunch of curious rats. By day two the two realize that they must build a platform to get up off the ground while sleeping. Angela seems to be a little reserved and makes a leaf skirt for herself. She offers to make one for Darrin but he prefers to be naked.

As they continue to work on their shelter they continue to be haunted by the monkeys roaring all around them. Darrin comes up with a nifty idea to make sandals so that the team can maneuver in more terrain.

Angela realizes that Darrin is more instructional and hasn't had much experience with dates or normal life.

The sandals work pretty well but they don't manage to find any edible coconuts. They instead use the coconuts as cups to boil their water with hot stones. The two actually enjoy the taste of their manually purified water but that night the rain really hits hard. They rain is getting into the cave but luckily it doesn't put out their fire.

Angela decides to make a comb so that her hair doesn't get tangled which seems pretty unnecessary in this situation. On day three the two are really hungry and need to find sustenance.

They find some bananas but realize that they might need to cook them or wait until they're ripe.

The monkeys begin to keep a closer watch on Darrin and Angela, especially since they took some food away from them. That night, they are awoken by monkeys in the trees above their cave bringing a bit more worry. Darrin has to scare away or kill a monkey who looks to be moving in on their bananas. The two are lacking so much nutrients that they need to find a way to cook a banana.

Angela suggests open fire roasting, however, Darrin is set on baking the bananas. After trying them Angela's way, Darrin isn't too happy.

Angela notices that Darrin really didn't support her way of cooking and helps him make the pit for baking.

They try the bananas after baking and it appears that they taste much better this way. By day seven they are still starving despite having some bananas and palm hearts. An injured lizard is found laying right outside the camp and Darrin puts it out of it's misery by smashing it with a rock.

However, he and Angela both agree that because it was already food for another critter it could be dangerous to eat.

They still need to defend their bananas from thieving monkeys who continue to take their bananas.

They need a bit of protein but Angela is a vegetarian so it'll be much harder for her to eat a critter such as a rat.

Darrin creates a trap to try and catch some protein for himself and late at night he is awoken by a rat that has been trapped. The rats continue to fall for Darrin but it's driving Angela crazy and she thinks he just likes killing things.

The next morning Darrin enjoys his rat feast but Angela is completely grossed out by the idea.

Angela thinks that Darrin feeds off people who think he's gross and even he realizes he doesn't have a girlfriend because of his personality.

Everything seems pretty easy for Angela and Darrin except for the fact that Angela feels uncomfortable around Darrin. She begins trying to make a blanket so she can stay covered. Darrin even begins correcting her on that which continues to annoy Angela.

The two really don't seem eye to eye at all and it seems as if the real challenge for them is getting along. Darrin picks up on the fact that Angela seems pretty put-off by him and tries to find a coconut to make a peace offering off.

Angela figures out that she is being a bit too sensitive and needs to appreciate her partner a lot more.

They begin preparations for their extraction by making a raft to help them reach the extraction point. They will have to carry their raft through dense jungles with their rafts on their back. The team is anticipating choppy seas and dangerous animals in the water. Once they reach the water they begin making their way to the extraction boat.

Angela excels while Darrin struggles. He says his hip popped out of place and begins calling for Angela.

She hops back into the water on her raft to get Darrin and the tables have turned. In the end two people from different worlds accomplished something pretty amazing. Angela's PSR rose to a 6.3 while Darrins came in at 8.2.

"Land of the Rats" was quite another intense that shows how hard it is for two different personalities, when put under pressure, can clash but accomplish an overall goal. Between the peace offerings and the information exchanged between Angela and Darrin you could see how understanding they became.

Surviving "Naked and Afraid" isn't the easiest task but Angela and Darrin were up for the challenge tonight. Fans will have to tune in next week to see what goes down in season four of "Naked and Afraid."