Naked and Afraid, 'Nicaragua Nightmare' S3 E8 Recap - Amanda & Josh

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On tonight's new episode of Discovery Channel's "Naked and Afraid" two survivalists were dropped into the wildnerness and attempted to survive for three weeks while being completely naked.

Despite a duct tape bikini covering her and his tote bag covering him, viewers still got plenty of blurred images of survival experts Amanda (couldn't find Instagram or Twitter) and Josh's bodies as they tried to take on the hot and dense jungle environment of southern Nicaragua.

Amanda, 33, from Texas is a self-proclaimed loner and admits to liking animals more than humans. Josh, 27, from North Carolina claims he is a redneck trying to quit smoking cigarettes and believed this challenge would help with that. Their naked greeting showed no signs of awkwardness as they played off each other's jokes and remarks.

Amanda chose to bring along a machete, while Josh chose a redneck's favorite tool: duct tape. After vigorous tests and analysis each participant was scored with a Primitive Survival Rating (psr).

Amanda was given a psr of 5.8 while Josh scored a little higher with 6.1.

In the end however it would be Amanda who proved more cut out to survive in the wilderness. Josh left the show on the fifth day, leaving Amanda to survive the final 16 days alone.

They did start the challenge together, however, and their first day in the wilderness provided viewers plenty of scenes featuring Josh and Amanda's non-blurred out butts. The participants displayed positive chemistry and they were able to accumulate drinking water and build a bed by the first nightfall. Day two provided the survivalists with pineapples and plantains.

However the second day also showed that the problems the two participants were already forming. Amanda was having personal space issues, while Josh admitted that he was already feeling signs of nicotine withdrawal.

Josh started to vomit on day two of the challenge, even going as far as vomiting blood.

Medics were called in and he was given a shot of Promethazine, however his vomiting continued and on just the fifth day he called it quits.

Amanda seemed to pass the days by just laying around and doing nothing but getting deeper and deeper into her own thoughts. She admitted to wanting to give up, but that she had to prove to herself that she could finish the challenge.

To reach her extraction point on the 21st day she first had to trek through snake and spider infested jungles before swimming to her rescue boat in a caiman filled river.

By the end of the challenge Amanda lost 21 pounds and her PSR raised .5 points to a total of 6.3; Josh's PSR dropped 1.8 points to 4.3.

Both were happy to be finally home and Josh claimed he quit smoking for good and would love the opportunity to take on the challenge again.

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