Naked and Afraid, Honora & Matt, 'Dunes of Despair' S3 E10 Recap

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On tonight's new episode of "Naked and Afraid" survivalists Honora and Matt were dropped into the excruciating climate of Brazil where they were left to survive for three weeks fully naked.

With everything blurred out except their butts, viewers still got plenty of views of Honora (her Facebook) and Matt (his Facebook).

Honora, 28, is a survival and nature enthusiast from California, and Matt, 24, is an outdoor survivalist from Oregon who teaches outdoor survival classes to students.

Before their adventure, experts game them a primitive survival rating (psr); Honora scored a 7.6 while Matt scored a 7.1

They were left to survive on the northern coast of Brazil, which is surrounded by millions of acres of dunes and lagoons; the show informed viewers that this is the most desolate location that anyone from the show has ever been in. Their first days in the dunes showed just how tough it would be to survive there for 21 days.

The heat proved to be vicious as it beat on them during the day hours, and Honora started off the challenge pushing herself way too hard.

Her exhaustion, mixed with the strong sun and high temperatures, had an immediate impact on her. Matt was able to build a sturdy structure while Honora focused on creating clothes to protect her from the sun.

Although they had plenty of water sources around them, their views on drinking the water were different. Honora believed she should treat the water while Matt decided to drink it straight from the source, mainly because he was tired from doing all the work while she barely contributed. For food Matt was able to kill insects and find fruit, while Honora just ate what he caught because he is a vegan.

Their views on survival were clearly; she treated things very recklessly while he took more of a practical approach towards their tasks. Their conflicting views caused the tension to flare very early on, and her mean side came out full-swing on the third day, as she called him out for being, "lazy, stinky, and stupid." On the eighth day they decided to break down their shared shelther, divvy up the materials, and build separate shelters because they needed space from each other.

Any viewer that watched this episode saw that Matt was doing all of the work for the both of them, all while being reasonable and nice to Honora. I agree with Matt when he said Honora was, "loco."

On the 16th day she finally apologized to Matt for the stuff she said, however her reckless survival strategy and perhaps her negative karma came back to bite her. Just before 5 p.m. that same day Matt found her completely unconscious in full exposure to the sun.

Medics were called in and they quickly evacuated an unconscious Honora to the nearest hospital. She made a full recovery from treatments but was not allowed to finish the challenge.

Matt was able to easily survive the remaining five days alone, however his 8-mile quest to his extraction point proved to be tougher than he expected.

Matt was able to successfully complete the challenge, and his psr raised to 7.7 while Honora's dropped to a 7.2.

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