Naked and Afraid, Ashley & Michael, 'Botswana Breakdown' S3 E9 Recap

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On tonight's all new episode of "Naked and Afraid" survivalists Michael and Ashley were dropped into the excruciating heat of Botswana, Africa, where they were left to survive for three weeks fully naked.

Despite the blurred out images of their bodies, with the exception of their butts, viewers still got plenty of shots and angles of Ashley (couldn't find her Instagram or Twitter) and Michael (@MJeffersonS24). Ashley, 25, is a survival and nature enthusiast from Rhode Island, and Michael, 32, is a world traveler from Seattle who has survived in all different sorts of environments.

A lot of viewers may think Michael looks familiar, and that is because he was a contestant on "Survivor: Somoa." Before their adventure experts game them a primitive survival rating (psr), and Michael scored a 5.9 while Ashley scored a 4.7.

After their quick introduction the camera made sure to get a nice shot of their backsides as they walked away and headed towards their challenge.

On the first day of the challenge they searched for a watering hole, but because of the harsh dry season that Botswana just went through their options were limited. In 112 degree heat they caked themselves with mud to protect them from elements, but only five hours into their challenge Ashley started complaining of severe dehydration.

Despite her condition they built a shelter and a fire right near a watering hole and a game trail, which is very dangerous because of the wildlife in the area.

Their first night was filled with the constant noises of animals using the watering hole, from elephants to hyenas.

The next day their extreme need for water overtook all other jobs and they drank from the "cleanest" water source around. On just the second night Ashley was going through severe pain, dizziness and nausea and medics were called in to their camp.

The third morning she was taken away, making it the second episode in a row where a participant throwing in the towel early.

It was determined by a medical staff that she had an infection from drinking the untreated water. Michael was now left to survive the remaining 18 days by himself in the desert.

To address his dehydration Michael cleverly used Ashley's bag as a filter for drinking the water straight from the source. As for food he was able to scrounge up grasshoppers, plants, and lucky find in his searching. Night was even worse for Michael because he almost literally was a sitting duck for the predators that roam the desert.

A few nights he had some animal visitors to his camp, causing him to take to his machete for potential protection.

As his condition worsened he found a plant called Devil's claw that can help treat illnesses, but if you overdose, it can poison you.

He did his best to prepare it correctly, however a medic was called to his camp immediately as it appeared that he accidentally overdosed on it.

Michael was cleared to continue the challenge, however he wanted to literally walk away from the show healthy, so he called it quits on day 12.

Their finals psr's both dropped: Michael's fell to a 5.7 and Ashley's dropped to a 3.7. In the end they both decided it was the right decision to tap out when they did for the sake of their own health and condition.

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