MTV Catfish Recap: Felipe & Jasmine in Texas with Paris Roxanne

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Catfish is back with a single father named Felipe (we tried to find his Instagram or Twitter but no luck) seeking to settle down with his online love Jasmine.

It's also worth mentioning that Max is back, in case your desire for some silver fox action was reaching peak levels.

[This is a rolling recap as the episode airs]

Felipe was initially attracted to the same thing everyone else is, attractive online pictures. But, as predicted, Jasmin seems to be hiding a good deal of secrets from Felipe and meeting on Facebook should be the first big red flag. Jasmin also claims that she has no access to a phone which is about the worst excuse anyone could have in 2015.

They are both from Texas, and even though the state is enormous, it would make sense that they probably could have met up without having Nev and Max involved.

And can we just all agreed once and for all that Nev and Max are together? I mean their interactions are adorable and they make a great couple.

Felipe is an aspiring boxer, which is featured at a couple points in the show (which feels incredibly staged). The pictures of Jasmine looks a bit like the spitfire from the previous season Antoinette.

But unlike Antoinette, who turned out to just really want to be on a reality show, Jasmine seems to be someone else entirely.

Felipe looks like a nice guy, though he also looks like he could have been on '16 And Pregnant' a couple years ago. He is also incredibly short and I pretty much just want to put him in my pocket and feed him some tater tots at lunchtime.

So given the pictures of Jasmine, you can immediately conclude that these pictures are not the person he is talking to. So Nev and Max hit Google and start researching and find a girl named Paris Roxanne.

Sprint Selfies. @courtneycrone98 #selfies #sisters #whatup

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Nev finds out there is some huge intricate story involving a legal case between a basketball player and a 17-year-old girl. So Nev calls Paris and wants to make sure it's not actually her. And surprise surprise, she is not the one communicating with him. But Felipe is a pretty guy, and when they get to the bottom of the whole story, it turns out that Felipe was being Catfished by a girl that he went out on a few dates with.

Her name is Alex, but shes actually not the one catfishing. The real person behind the lie is a guy by the name of Luis, the best friend of Alex. Yeesh, this is a messy one.

But the truth is that Alex was hurt by Felipe messaging a girl while the two of them were dating.

Luis comes clean (although denies liking men) and the resolution is that it's just a really strange threesome of emotions. Just to end on a good note, here is another picture of Paris Roxanne, enjoy!