Female Rap Game: All About Booty? Chanel West Coast, Snow Tha Product, Rapsody

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Booty, butt, ass, whatever you call it, it seems to be a calling card to be a successful female rapper these days.

Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj are the queen bees right now (sorry Lil' Kim, pun intended), but it does seem like there are more pictures of their butts than of their faces.

Just Google image search either one and it will give you a treasure trove of bootylicious moments.

So the real question to reflect on is, do you need to have a big butt to be a successful female rapper? This seems completely idiotic, but really, is Iggy Azalea a better rapper than say Snow Tha Product or Rapsody? Even Chanel West Coast, who got a major boost from her stint on MTV, has not broken through the pop culture barrier.

Nicki Manaj put out what can only be described as a butt-wrenching video with her hit 'Anaconda'. The video is almost 5 minutes of butt shaking with the star being Nicki's big ole butt itself.

And did you notice none of the supporting girls in the video had a bigger butt than Nicki? Rappers like Snow Tha Product have some serious rhyme chops but if you were ask any casual music listener, they would have no idea who they are.

And whereas the list of popular male rappers is a mile long, there only seems to be 2 major female rappers in the game.

Now the top 2 certainly have some serious heavy-weight backing (besides their butts) with Nicki on Young Money and Iggy on Virgin/Def Jam, but these other rappers have labels too. So stylistically, no one seems to be better than all the rest.

They all have some sex appeal. So what's the break-through point? Booty.

There's no denying it. We can only wonder how many Nicki Minaj views are there only for the twerking. I guess we'll never know.

Most importantly, no one wants these girls to think they need to go get a fake butt. That would be worse than the current rap game for women. It's a sad state of affairs.