Mob Wives Season Five Ep. One Recap: Karen Gravano Returns; Natalie Guercio Causes Trouble

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The Season five opener of Mob Wives picks up right where it left off.

Tensions were high at the end of the fourth season after Natalie Guercio and Renee Graziano's brief friendship began to deteriorate, culminating in a huge blow-out that turned the friends against each other.

Despite Angela Raiola or "Big Ang" being Renee's oldest friend of 20 years, Ang has begun to question whether or not Renee is really her friend after not hearing from her for the entire summer.

On the other hand, she has become friends with Natalie.

Drita D'Avanzo is with Big Ang ; despite her previous friendship with Renee, she's over it. At the Balkan Bash Drita brings Big Ang and Natalie to, Natalie stirs the pot by telling Drita that Renee had constantly dissed Drita despite them being friends at the time.

Drita is enraged, but the true anger comes from the word Renee used to describe Drita, which was "rat." The ladies of Mob Wives make it obvious that because of their criminal lineage and mob familial ties, there's nothing worse to them than being deemed a rat or snitch.

In the midst of all this, Karen Gravano is back and is happy with her long distance relationship. She is awaiting the return of her father, who only has two years left in prison and as a result she seems to be in good spirits. It is soon revealed that Karen is also not a fan of Natalie.

She claims Natalie took to social media to call her father, you guessed it, a rat.

Karen wants none of that kind of disrespect, and so it becomes obvious that Renee and Karen are becoming a sturdy alliance quick into her return.

On a lighter note, Big Ang takes time away from the drama to help her son A.J, who Is expecting his first child.

She is hoping the baby on the way will help her son, who was previously convicted for narcotic possession and sale, stay on the straight and narrow.

And when she's not beefing, Drita is seen balancing helping her husband Lee with his sports memorabilia store, tending to her own store, Lady Boss, and being a mother to young girls.

Renee is seen doing little else but talking about getting revenge on her former friends, and it's apparent the episode is going to end with a scuffle. This is exactly what happens when Renee and the trio show up at the annual summer kick-off bash.

Drita wants to tear out Renee's teeth with her bare hands, and Natalie escalates the situation by aggressively approaching Renee when she was by herself. Renee walks away silently, and she should be given props for doing so.

Enter Renee's relief, Karen. Karen waltzes into the party as a way to announce her return, and it startles the other ladies.

A previously animated Natalie becomes quiet and decides to leave the party immediately, giving Karen and thus Renee the upper-hand... this time.

The end of the episode's season preview shows a lot more fighting, the entrance of a "new" Natalie, and a cameo from mob wife idol Victoria Gotti. Stay tuned for next Wednesday's Episode 2 recap.