The Midnight Beast's Share Advice on 'How to Pass Your Driving Test'

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Having some difficulties passing your drivers test? Not to worry, the boy's of The Midnight Beast have made an instructional video highlighting a few steps on "How to Pass Your Driving Test."

(Video Below)

We all now what it's like to be faced with your driving tests. The written portion is made up of essential but boring material and the instructor of your driven portion is always intimidating.

Stefan Abingdon, Ashley Horne, and Dru Wakely, provide a comedic handful of points in an attempt to be helpful.

Which some of them actually are but as the band is based off of parody and comedy, there are plenty of laughs to be had in the video.

The video starts with the boy's introducing themselves and the reason for the video: Stefan's just passed his driver's test. The boys share when and how many tries it took them to pass their tests. Horne and Abingdon start poking fun at Wakely's age when he's reluctant to share the year he passed his test.

They then launch into six main points of what one should not do in order to pass your test.

Each point is accompanied by an antidote from one of the boy's. The video ends with a comedic bonus tip, thanks to Horne's experience and some words of encouragement.

How To Pass Your Driving Test (Vlog) - The Midnight Beast