Is Mick The Nerd The Next Howard Stern Wack Packer?

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When Mick the Nerd was introduced to Howard Stern by Wolfie as the "weirdest character at Wizard Con" fans knew they would be in for a treat once he visited the show especially after Sterns excitement.

According to Howard Stern's official website, Mick the Nerd, is a Donkey Kong expert and fan, identifies as a heterosexual, single, has no friends and lives in his parents basement, which he enjoys and was made fun of by his friends because of his acne.

Quite a character right? Oddly, enough the Stern site is questioning whether or not they've found the next Wack Packer.

"Howard said he has all of the criteria for a Wack Packer," according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard said they discovered that he has an incredible ability to understand Comic Books," and also played a clip of Mick talking about comic characters with Wolfie.

Once Mick was introduced, Stern said that Mick didn't look that nerdy despite the intel he received from Wolfie. Stern joked that Robin Quivers might be able to make a man of Mick after Mick admitted to being a 24-year-old virgin on the show.

Mick is currently looking for a job and shaves once a year according to Wolfie.

Among more of the funny questions answered by Mick was whether or not he would have sex with Oprah Winfrey and while he said yes he was concerned about what they would talk about.

He's indeed one of the strangest, funniest and carefree characters featured on the Howard Stern show.

While Stern gave Mic some plugs during the show, he never quite revealed whether or not Mick would be the next candidate for his group of Wack Packers.