Michael Rapaport & Matthew Berry Talk Fantasy Football & More on Howard Stern

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ESPN's Senior Fantasy Analyst Matthew Berry and the star of TNT's upcoming show "Public Morals" Michael Rapaport talk a little Fantasy Football on the Stern Show.

"Howard said he is afraid that Rapaport is going to suck the energy out of the room," before introducing Matthew Berry, according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard said Matthew became an expert at fantasy football. Howard said that he's never won in their league though. Matt said he's been in there for 3 years. He said that he's made the playoffs ever year."

That's a pretty impressive feat making it easy to see why Berry is one of the top fantasy analysts for ESPN. Before Rapaport even entered the room, Stern was afraid that he would steal all of the air time from Berry, who bravely admitted that he isn't scared of Rapaport. Prior to Rapaport entering the room, Berry spoke about the new rules in fantasy football.

"Matt said they had a rules meeting and changed things around. Howard said fantasy football has become a huge business," according to the report.

"Howard said he's created an app around it. Matt said it's called Fantasy Life.

He said it's a free app. Howard said Matt worked for George Carlin. Matt said he was a stage PA for George on a TV show he did.'

JD Harmeyer doesn't appear to be scared of Rapaport either as they prepare for a tough season of Fantasy Football ahead. The two have exchanged emails about the season and it Rapaport might be out for a big win this year.

Berry also said that there is a new rule regarding the punishment in the league this year.

"He said that the loser has to buy the food for next year and he has to go into Times Square and walk around with a sandwich board for an hour," according to the rundown.

It was finally time for Michael Rapaport to enter the room and Stern made sure to start things off by complimenting Rapaport for his role in "Justified" and how much of a great actor Rapaport is.

Rapaport later one said that the guys on "Justified" get "treated like sh**," when it comes to Emmy nominations.

"Michael said he's helped Benjy out and he won't even come out to say hello to him when he's up there," in the interview and Stern pointed out Rapaport's women troubles.

"Michael said he has a girlfriend who he's been dating for 5 years. Gary asked everyone to raise their hand who has had a restraining order against them from a woman. Michael had one."

Before moving into the fantasy football talk, Stern commented once more at how good of an actor Rapaport was citing his role in "Louie" and even giving Rapaport a plug for his podcast "I Am Rapaport," which is strange considering Stern's feeling on podcasts.

According to Stern, Rapaport's 13-year-old son helps him choose his fantasy football team and so far in the league, Gary, Jason and Jon have been winners in the league.

Rapaport and Berry went on a little back and forth about who finished with the most points but overall they admitted that it was just for the fun of it. Rapaport denied having professional help when it came to the fantasy football league and said there is a ton of trash talking involved according to MarksFriggin.

For this reason, Rapaport didn't want the kids around for the draft.

"Howard said he heard that Michael has a $5,000 side bet. Michael said they do and they're going to give the money to Beth's Furry Friends," according to the rundown.

"Howard said that it's Bianca's Furry Friends. Michael asked if their house smells like cat piss. Howard said no. He said Beth is on top of the litter pans and there is no smell."

Stern picked the order of the draft for this season and it went as follows: Rapaport last, Scott Salem next to last, JD Harmeyer at eight, Will Murray at seven, pornstar Lisa Ann at six, Gary at five, Berry at four, Ben Barto at three, Jon Hein at number two and Jason Kaplan at number one.

For the full rundown click here. You can catch Matthew Berry on ESPN and Michael Rapaport in "Public Morals" when it premieres on August 25.