Meghan Trainor Talks Her Boyfriend and Surgery On The Ellen Show

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Meghan Trainor has been keeping a really big secret but finally revealed what it was during her recent visit to The Ellen Show.

The singer also talked about how she found love and what her relationship has been like thus far.

DeGeneres kicked off the interview by saying she isn't sure how she didn't hear about Trainor's surgery. The host said that Trainor had vocal surgery and the singer actually said she was going to pick this show to share the news on.

It has been the second vocal surgery and her Ellen Show performance of "I'm a Lady," from Smurfs: The Lost Village, was the first one after months of vocal rest following her surgery.

Her surgeon was there and Trainor said that's why she was directing most of her performance towards one person.

The host complimented her on the performance once again and Trainor revealed they were actually aiming for her to be able to perform on the show.

Trainor said her boyfriend was the real trooper through the months of her vocal rest because he learned sign language and dealt with her when she got frustrated if he didn't understand.

The pop star said she finally found love and that he is better than she could have wished for.

The couple painted together and Trainor even brought DeGeneres a spray-painted piece she did especially for the host. You can check out Meghan Trainor's visit to The Ellen Show and her performance in the videos below.

Meghan Trainor Talks Her Boyfriend and Surgery On The Ellen Show

Meghan Trainor Performs "I'm a Lady" From Smurfs: The Lost Village On The Ellen Show