Martin Shkreli Stalks, Makes Creepy Collage Of Female Reporter

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Evil genius Martin Shkreli is making news again. This time, he's making creepy collages of himself with reporter Lauren Duca.

Shkreli became a household name after he bought a drug company and raised prices of their drugs dramatically, putting people who rely on those drugs at risk.

Since then, he's tried to remain in the spotlight by doing and saying absurd things meant to provoke.

But this time, he's outdone himself.

After reporter Lauren Duca gained the media's attention a few weeks ago for having an on-air argument with FOX News personality Tucker Carlson, Shkreli decided to focus on her.

Declaring in his Twitter profile that he has a "small crush" on Duca, Shkreli made this collage for his Twitter page:

These pictures are Duca's personal photos, and the one with Martin's head pasted on it was originally a photo of Duca with her husband.

While Shkreli insists that he's doing this because he likes Duca, it seems to us that he is trying to intimidate her.

Although we don't know why he would want to make Duca his target, we do know how much he wants to remain relevant.

In countless stalking and assault cases, men have made collages that look very similar to the one Shkreli made

This is not the first time Shkreli used intimidating tactics to gain attention. He recently wore a "Pepe the Frog" pin in a TV appearance.

"Pepe" is a symbol of the alt-right and is often used by neo-Nazis and white nationalists. It is classified as a hate symbol by the Southern Policy Law Center.

Duca requested that Twitter do something about Shkreli's acts, but it's unclear if they will.

What do you think Shkreli's motive is? What do you think Twitter will do about it? Tweet us.

Tiwtter/Lauren Duca