Mark Wahlberg Tells Ellen DeGeneres About His Mysterious Dinner Guest

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With the Patriots Day film set to hit theaters in just one week, Mark Wahlberg stopped by The Ellen Show to chat about the movie and also share a story about a mysterious dinner guest.

During their interview, DeGeneres stated that Wahlberg had a pretty crazy past but has since mended his ways.

His oldest kid is 13 and he says that she is a good kid but she's dying her hair, wearing a fake nose ring and most of all, Wahlberg seems to hate Musical.Ly app because his daughter uses it too much.

Wahlberg said he had a successful friend over and his daughter is a big fan but he looked over and she was recording a Musical.Ly. DeGeneres was actually more concerned about finding out who the guest was.

Wahlberg's hint included the guest being a Canadian singer and a nice singer. His daughter said that the certain young man would be her husband and Wahlberg's response was "over your dead bodies, I'll just go back to jail."

DeGeneres quickly said Justin Bieber and wanted to know if they were going to work together. Wahlberg didn't give an official answer to it but there could be a Bieber and Wahlberg collab of some sort in the future.

Meanwhile, Wahlberg chatted about the Patriots Day film and the fact that Boston natives are great people but if you mess with them they will come after you. He also wanted to stress that love will always prevail.

You can hear all about Wahlberg's dinner guest and more about Patriots Day in The Ellen Show video below. Patriots Day opens in theaters on Friday, January 13.

Mark Wahlberg Tells Ellen DeGeneres About His Mysterious Dinner Guest