Man Yells at Kids For Being Retrieving a Ball From His Garden

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As an adult you have to think about the way you handle some situations.

It's quite possible that this man may have went a little overboard in his reaction to a group of kids who were trying to retrieve a ball from his garden.

(Video Below)

The video was found on Reddit and has been circulating through the viral site. It was initially posted to the Ky S YouTube Channel and is slowly making its way around the internet.

What ensued before the man began yelling at the kids is unclear, which means there very well could be two sides to the story.

That being said, the language used against some of the children suggests that maybe the incident could have been handled in a better manner.

For starters, some of the children were actually trying to reason with the man and asked him to act like an adult. They told him that they were just kids and sometimes when they miss the goal, the ball goes over the fence gate an enters his garden. The man threatened the kids with law enforcement, should they go over to his garden once again without his permission to retrieve their ball.

There were a series of curse words being used towards the kids, despite them asking the man to act like an adult. Of course, there can be arguments either way on whether or not the situation was handled properly but the video doesn't bode well for the adult in the situation.

Furthermore, the man did not allow the kids to retrieve on of their soccer balls in the end. You can check out the video and judge how it was handled for yourself.

Man Yells At Kids For Retrieving their ball from his Garden