The Magician Releases 'Together': The Next EDM Hit?

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The world of EDM is growing at a rapid rate and tracks like The Magician's"Together" are the reason why. It's catchy and upbeat music that will get your feet moving and head bobbing.

(Audio Below)

Artists like Zedd, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Tiesto, Diplo, Skrillex and Galantis have made EDM hits somewhat of a summer staple. "Together" by The Magician should fall right in line with the big tracks released by the previously mentioned artists.

It features an insane beat with catchy lyrics and one hell of an arrangement. It sounds like a radio ready EDM hit and it most definitely should be a club anthem this summer.

EDM DJ The Magician has already release a hit "Sunlight" featuring one of the hottest young groups Years and Years and this follow up is just as awesome as "Sunlight."

"The Magician is the alias of talented DJ/Producer, Stephen Fasano," according to his Facebook page. "One night not so long ago, he appeared from a place between space and time.

Apparently he stepped into this world, materializing in a cloud of crystal stars and soft pink smoke. Some claim he's a former airline pilot who crashed an afterparty - some say it's all just an illusion, a well performed hoax."

Well fans might not mind being mystified with "Together." Check out the new track below.

Listen to "Together" below.