Mad Men Episode RECAP: Waterloo Mid-Season Finale Review

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Mad Men is back with Ted wanting to leave the business, Don Draper in major transition, and a new world for Peggy. Great episode...

but the series now takes an annoyingly long pause after this latest episode. The series doesn't start up again until 2015... ugh.

Anyways, the episode kicks off with Ted on the west coast freaking out a client by cutting the engine in a small plane. He then proclaims that he doesn't want to be in advertising anymore and wants to be bought out.

Pete Campbell and the rest of the team go over the pitch for Burger Chef, with Pete keeping his confidence strong in Don Draper, much to the dismay of the rest of the team.

The Betty story-line continues to drag on into annoying oblivion and isn't really worth getting into, if anything it keeps the family timeline going but that's about it.

Don Draper has a hilarious sit down with his secretary resulting in a kiss, but it was more for humor than anything else. In that sit down, Draper gets a letter from the firms attorney saying that he is in breach of contract. And clearly there is a divide in the office that Don is causing. Perhaps this could allude to one of two things...

either Don/Sterling will start to take hold of the firm by eliminating partners, or Don will be opening up his own shop at the end of the season? Either way, they are clearly starting to hint at something big, and Don confirms it by talking with Megan. Unfortunately for Don, his mentioning of moving to California confirms that the two are breaking up.

But who knows if that will actually stick.

Pete Campbell, still believing in Don, gives him a pep-talk on the plane as they make their way to the Burger Chef presentation. They then witness the moon landing, and give everyone watching a very cool moment, reliving that amazing moment. Then Roger gets a phone call.

Bertram Cooper has passed away. Major momentum swing for the series.

Cooper was always a secondary character, but his passing marks an important transition moment for everyone at the company. Amidst the Don Draper speculation, Coopers passing and Ted's declaration leaves everything pretty wide open. Rounding out the episode, Don approaches Peggy to give her the opportunity to be the presenter for Burger Chef. She understandably freaks out, but Don is there to help.

Roger has a sit down with someone and he proposes an acquisition, but it is a bit tongue and cheek for now. Peggy then gets her shot at presenting to Burger Shack...

and? She kills it, knocks it out of the park.

Sterling then proposes the acquisition to Don, and gets an icy reception. However, at the very end of the episode, Sterling presents the partners with the proposal. Waves a little money in front of everyone and things start to get interesting. And the icing on the cake? Don sells Ted on staying in the firm and just like that, they all agree on selling. Don is saved, and even Peggy gets the Burger Chef account.

The episode ends VERY strangely with Cooper doing a musical in front of Don (of course it's a day dream). Although it's a great tribute to the passing of the character.

Let's see what the rest of the season has in store! Well, months and month from now.... ugh.