Macey Hensley Visits the Ellen Degeneres Show

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When Macey Hensley visits the Ellen Degeneres show you can pretty much expect that it's gonna be full of "awws" and laughs. Today she was able to meet with 2016 Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton as a surprise from her friend Ellen.

(Video Below)

Macey Hensley is a presidential expert. She knows awesome facts about every single U.S. President that has graced the White House and even those prior to the White House's existence. Her charming demeanor always wins crowds over and now it seems as if she is being recognized more than ever. You could see Clinton marvel at the way Hensley carries herself and how adorable she is with her feet barely touching the ground as she sits in a white chair facing the crowd, on the Ellen Show.

Clinton had a few questions for Hensley who was able to answer all of them. One of the most fitting presidents for Hensley to talk about in the situation was Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the U.S. and the one who gave women the right to vote.

Degeneres took over in regards to the questions and asked Hensley what she knew about the Clintons.

She rattled off facts such as Hillary Clinton's love for Tabasco sauce and other hot sauces as well the fact that she hadn't driven in years. You can check out these highlights and more in the video below.

Watch Macey Hensley's meeting with Hillary Clinton below.