Mac Miller Sparks Hype Over His Upcoming Album

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At this point you should probably consider Mac Miller as one of the greatest architects of anticipation as he sparks a ton of hype around the new album that's been promised to his fans and followers.

"Dear world, today is important," tweeted Mac Miller on June 29 and as anyone would be able to guess, his fans began questioning whether or not the album was going to drop or at the very least the release date for the project.

Over the entirety of this month, Miller has been posting hints, teasers and photos of him in the studio finishing up the mixing of the album.

For fans it's both nerve racking and exciting at just thinking about a new project from Miller.

Miller himself seems excited about the album because a tweet earlier last week alludes to a lack of sleep where the album is considered.

You can check out some of the fan tweets below and stick with Empty Lighthouse for future information once it's released.