'Little People, Big World' Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Are Having a Girl!

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This week, Little People, Big World's Jeremy and Audrey Mirabella Botti Roloff announced the gender of their soon-to-be-born first child. And it looks like it will be a girl.

Audrey Roloff made the announcement online, with a blog post about how they had the gender revealed.

According to Roloff, they had their 18 week ultrasound recently, and they asked the tech to print out photos of the baby and place them in an envelope.

The family recently had a gender-reveal party at the farm, with the Matt and Amy, Zach and Tori, and the rest of the Roloff gang -- as well as family and friends.

The giant event included pink smoke bombs (which the Roloffs are selling via their blog) as well as pink and blue colored food, so that they could handle either gender. There were even "baby roloff" matches.

Of course, no Roloff family event would be complete without plenty of photos, including photos of the two pregnant in-laws, Audrey and Tori, together. Looks like there will be two young Roloffs enjoying the farm in the near future.

Audrey wrote a note to her baby online:

Baby girl you are already so loved, and you will ALWAYS be loved MORE and MORE#alwaysmore Pregnancy is a miracle. Sometimes I wonder... how could I possibly be growing a little baby inside of me? I often feel inadequate, not ready, overwhelmed, worried about if my body is doing the right things and if I'm making the right choices throughout this pregnancy that will grow and protect this little life. The "what if's" begin to permeate my brain and make me feel less than. Have you l been there?!

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