Lebron James' Heart Still With The Heat?: Sets A Pick For Norris Cole In Rio

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NBA superstar Lebron James shook the sport this summer with the announcement that he would be heading back to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers, but it looks like he may have forgotten the decision her made.

In a hilarious video that has been circulating the web, James' and his Cleveland Cavalier team was playing the Miami Heat in a post season match-up in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, but James did something that most likely came as a surprise to everyone.

While his team was suppose to be on defense he breaks out into an offensive pick for Heat guard, Norris Cole.

At this point James may have confused himself with his decision and ultimately the play will most likely end up on ESPN's "Not Top 10."

James made the conscious decision to return to his how state and play for their NBA team after making it to the NBA Finals with the Miami Heat, but ultimately falling to the San Antonio Spurs who they beat the previous year to become back to back champions.

Check out James' pick for Cole.