The League 'Tefl-Andre' Recap, S6 E2

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The sixth season of FXX's "The League" kicked off last week with more ridiculous hi-jinks and jokes from the Pete, Kevin, Ruxin, Andre, and Taco.

On tonight's new episode the laughter continued as Ruxin's son accidentally "juices" during his baseball season, and the usually easy target Andre creates a stronger alter ego.

The episode kicks off with Kevin learning he has low testosterone and he receives a tube of testosterone increasing cream from the doctor. It is obvious that this tube was going to end up in the wrong hands, and those hands belong to Ruxin's son Geoffrey. The direct effects of his testosterone use are evident: turns into a superstar on his little-league team after hitting early puberty.

Ruxin chooses to embrace his son's increased performance, seeing as it helps everyone involved, including himself.

But in a team celebration Geoffrey's privates are revealed, making everyone learn of his testosterone use, and the ump is forced to forfeit their win.

Ruxin reveals the tube to the group and it was inevitable that they take this opportunity to make fun of Kevin, especially Andre.

Throughout the five seasons of the show Andre has always been the target of the guys' jokes and pranks.

However last week showed that Andre, played by Paul Scheer, has a new side to him where instead of sensitively reacting to the group's jokes he lets them bounce off before firing off his own witty comebacks.

An example of this new version of Andre changes the dynamic of the group, which can be seen here:

Andre is even able to think of a prank to pull on Kevin that the group fully embraces.The group quickly picks up on Andre's new found confidence, and they suspect that he is receiving help from someone. It is revealed that he has been working with Jay Glazer, who works on Fox's NFL programming.

While Jay is in the process of telling Andre he's not going to help him anymore he has to hide as Pete shows up, revealing that he knows Andre is hiding something.

Unfortunately for Andre Jay admits everything to the group, and Andre returns to his normal role of the verbal punching bag.

It can be tough for a show that has stuck with the same premise to last for six seasons, however "The League" still finds ways to humor viewers with ridiculous originality and fresh edginess. If the first two episodes are an indication of how the rest of the season will play out, viewers are in store for a entertaining season.

The next episode of "The League" premieres Wednesday Sept. 17 at 10 p.m. on FXX.