Lea Michele Joins Ellen DeGeneres' New 'Bed Series'

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Lea Michele has been steaming things up on Instagram with a couple of "Bed Series" photos.

It was just enough to inspire The Ellen Show to come up with their very own Bed Series and Michele was there to be a part of the new segment.

NYC//bed series

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Michele explained that her Bed Series started very simple and then got a little more naked. The actress told DeGeneres had to make more calls to her dad, explaining what he may encounter on her social media page.

It's now a fun naked thing for her.

Meanwhile, she is getting ready to release a new album titled Places, for the first time since her debut three years ago.

She said she was able to really focus on the album and now she can actually head on tour.

Since Michele liked taking photos in bed so much, DeGeneres decided to bring a bed to stage. They got into bed and spooned for a hilarious and cuddly photo for Michele's Instagram page.

You can check out the hilarious photo-shoot in The Ellen Show video below. Places is set to release on April, 28.

Lea Michele Joins Ellen DeGeneres' New 'Bed Series'