Is Lauren Conrad The Next Martha Stewart?

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Former Hills star Lauren Conrad has been handling the spotlight a lot easier than say, her co-star Heidi Montag.

And many fans have taken notice, creating a role model of of the former reality star. However, Lauren may be interested in a new profession which has been primarily dominated by Martha Stewart.

Martha Stewart is a prolific home lifestyle designer and is the poster child for all things home. However, Lauren Conrad has been slowly ramping up her influence in that sphere and it may only be a matter of time before the 28-year-old gets her own home labels at place like JC Penny or Target.

Lauren is the owner of The Little Market, but it may just be a stepping stone to a larger empire. And whereas Lauren had always been known for her fashion, she may be thinking much bigger than that.

Lauren also runs her own website which is not filled with appearance dates, but rather tips like Lovely Libations: Festive Fall Cocktails and Tuesday Ten: My Favorite Fall Candles.

She also uses her social media platforms to promote her favorite new fashions or the latest house style tip.

Lauren recently made big news when she tied the knot with her long-time squeeze William Tell.

So now that she finally has it all, what will be the stars next move? We think it will be to take a shot at de-dethroning the current home lifestyle queen.