Lana Del Rey's BBC Radio 1 Session With Huw Stephens

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After releasing her highly anticipated Honeymoon album last week, Lana Del Rey took part in a BBC Radio 1 Session and it was truly magical. She performed hits like "High By The Beach," "Terrence Loves You" and "Honeymoon."

Lana Del Rey performed live Maida Vale Studios since 2012. She said it was actually familiar being back and it felt good being back.

Lana Del Rey was joined by band mates who's been with her from the beginning of her career.

Lana dished a bit about recording the album in California and working with Rick Nowels. Stephens and Lana Del Rey introduced the band members before she broke into her performance with "High By The Beach."

The first performance was very true to the arrangement of "High By The Beach" and just as intoxicating as the official audio. After the performance Stephens dug a bit deeper to into the recording and creative process for Lana.

She said that every time she tried to relax new material comes up and that's why her albums are so close to each other in terms of their releases.

Both Stephens and Lana agrees that her album was "trippy" and "plush." She said that the approach turned into a more psychedelic sound rather that pure pop.

The live performance continued with "Terrence Loves You" and was as haunting as ever. It seems as if Lana Del Rey is at the best she's ever been when it comes to performing live. Both the performances and interview brought a little more insight to went into Honeymoon, further helping fans get even closer to the music and the artist.

Lana was also pleased with the fact that some of the critics she admired had positive things to say about the album.

Lana Del Rey says she'd already started writing more music a couple of months ago and that she's lucky to have labels that let her put out music every 15 months if she wants to, which is always good news for fans.

The final performance of "Honeymoon" was a quite dark given the foggy undertones of the live arrangement but remained elegant and "plush" as Stephens and Lana say.

Lana Del Rey's Honeymoon album displayed an even higher level of elegance that seemed a bit impossible given her previous projects. With every new project comes a lot of growth.

Today's performance allowed listeners to hear what she sounds like in a slightly stripped down, live format. Lana's Honeymoon album released on September 18 and has been a hit with critics.