Kristen Bell Joins The Ellen Show For St. Patrick's Day

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Earlier this week Kristen Bell's husband, Dax Shepard, visited The Ellen Show to chat about a little furniture issue that was going on. It was Bell's turn to share her thoughts during her St. Patrick's Day visit.

DeGeneres and Bell sat down as the host reminded her that her husband was there a couple of days ago. DeGeneres said they talked about the la-z-boy that is sitting in the middle of the living room.

Bell said it was her fault because she bought it but was still hilariously annoyed with it being the centerpiece in her living room space.

Bell said it is also kind of DeGeneres' fault because she would have gone for it had she not been to her house and see how jaw dropping it was.

DeGeneres said everything else in the room is fine, however, if they could get him to turn the chair it would be better. The actress said that she even has to shimmy between it to get to the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Bell also talked about her crushes including Keith Morrison. You can check out Bell's interview and a hilarious St. Patrick's Day version of Heads Up! in The Ellen Show videos below.

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