Kid Knocks A Bully Out: Tired Of Being Picked On

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The anti-bullying program is being pushed now more than ever but when kids start taking things into their own hands, bullies may need the protection.

(Video Below)

In a video posted to, a smaller kid stands nervously and with a quite fed up look on his face as he waits for another to make his way down the hallway. From what you can hear in the video, the smaller kid in the grey says he why don't you say it now.

This most likely alludes to the instance in which he was bullied. The larger kid seems a bit taken back at the fact that the other kid is standing up to him and asks him if he wants to go.

That's the worst possible move he could have made. The smaller kid doesn't back down and says, "let's go right now," the bully coaxes him into making the first move and without hesitation the smaller kid begins his assault. After a few punches and a semi submission hold, the bully is taken down to the ground.

When he gets up and approaches the smaller kid, he is faced with a swift right punch right to the face. The punch sends him hitting the deck and everyone watching goes insane.

While all of this madness ensued it took until after the bully was knocked out for an educator to step in, but by then it was just a little too late.

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