Kid Has The Ultimate Golf Meltdown

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Sometimes even gold can be an emotional sport. One little guy finds out first had what it's like to miss an easy putt and he is not happy about it at all.

(Video Below)

It's on thing to practice your skills on the gold course but sometimes when you're not having a good day things can get pretty upsetting. The video below surfaced on Reddit but was also posted to the L. Carrillo YouTube Channel.

When attempting a putt the key is to use the right amount of force to generate the necessary speed. Try telling that to this little guy after his miss.

The young Phil Mickelson sets up for the shot which happens to be very close to the hole. He swings and gave it a little too much power. He goes from being shocked, to angry an then throws a complete tantrum on the course.

The tantrum is taken to the ground where the arms start wailing and the screams of pure and utter frustration continued.

It's a bit funny, a bit wild and also makes you feel bad for the little guy all at the same time. Check it out for yourself below.

Kid Throws A gold Tantrum