Kid Cudi Unleashes An Explicit Tweet To His Haters, Teases New Comedy Bang Bang Theme Song

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Well, if you're thinking of hating on Kid Cudi you might want to rethink that decision because it looks like he's setting up all the haters for a big surprise.

The tweet below is pretty much self explanatory and directed towards the Kid Cudi haters.

He announced that "Speedin' Bullet To Heaven" will be much more guitar and drum oriented, rather than the synth and electronic sounds that fans are use to from albums like "Man On The Moon." The tweets suggest that it would be more like "WZRD," however, even "WZRD" had it's fair share of synths.

Fans will most likely have to wait for the first single from the project which Cudi says is going to be coming before the end of the month. Once the album does drop Cudi looks to be preparing himself for a backlash already.

That being said, Cudi says that this is going to be his purest form yet. Fans are still anxious for "Speedin' Bullet To Heaven" after he practically annexed the comparison to other albums in his explanation.

He also teased a new theme song for Comedy Bang Bang after tweeting that the music he performs on the show will only live on the show.

Everything looks to be a big secret for Cudi right now but that could mean something pretty epic in the works.

"The music I perform on @ComedyBangBang only lives on the show and won't be for sale," said Cudi. "I might upload the new theme song tho after premiere"

Stay tuned for more reports as Cudi releases more information. Empty Lighthouse will also have a full review of the album upon its release.