Kid Cudi Teases 'Massive Info' On His New Album This Week

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Fans have been highly anticipating new music from Kid Cudi whether it be in the for of the "Speedin' Bullet To Heaven" or "Man On The Moon 3." Now it looks like Cudi is finally ready to release new information about "Speedin' Bullet To Heaven" which is due out before "MOTM3."

"Massive info on the album next week. Faces will melt soon.

Thank you for your patience. You will all be rewarded with magical musical candy!" tweeted Cudi last weekend. He also urged fans to get ready to feel again in a follow up tweet.

Well the week is upon us and fans are still awaiting the "massive info" that was promised to them. In the meantime they are still being treated to some more of Cudi's eccentric tweets about reality, people with agendas and more.

Cudi also tweeted a quote that seems to link his music as to being the best way of figuring him out.

Cudi's year is continuously looking up in terms of announcements and appearances, such as his role in "The Entourage Movie." Stay tuned for an update on Cudi's "massive info" about "Speedin' Bullet To Heaven" and let us know in the comments if you're excited for the new project.