Kevin Hart Plays '5 Second Rule' With Ellen DeGeneres

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The Ellen Show audience was in for a special treat as they got two comedian hosts for the price of one.

Kevin Hart helped DeGeneres as a guest-host for the show and for some added fun, they two also played a game of 5 Second Rule.

DeGeneres explained how the game goes and Hart said he didn't need to see a description, he was already going to be great. DeGeneres got the first couple of points but Hart followed up with three awesome answers.

The game was definitely going to be a laugh fest and Hart had DeGeneres cracking up during the game after he answered thigh as an organ. In his own comedic manner, Hart blamed it on DeGeneres not knowing her organs.

DeGeneres had to name three emoji's, however, Hart had it a little harder because he had to actually show the faces.

if you know Hart, you know that the task would only generate a ton of laughter from DeGeneres and her audience who really seemed to have fun with Hart's guest-host appearance on the show.

You can watch Kevin Hart take on Ellen DeGeneres in 5 Second Rule in The Ellen Show video below.

Kevin Hart Plays '5 Second Rule' With Ellen DeGeneres