Is Kevin Gates 'I Don't Get Tired' Energy Drink Going To Be Competition Red Bull?

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If you know anything about Kevin Gates by now it's that he lives by one motto: "I don't get tired." Recently the outspoken rapper took fans through his warehouses where his energy drink IDGT is being made and packaged and he's very serious about the product.

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In the video above Gates introduces fans to his warehouse where he says he's running out of space. He also made a bold prediction when claiming that he's aiming for a billion dollars. The energy drink market is pretty saturated especially with one of the leading brands, Red Bull.

Along with Red Bull is Monster, Rockstar, Nos, Amp and many more.

It might not be the easiest market to enter with so much competition but Gates is pretty convinced that he has a good product on his hands.

How do we know this? Well when one hater commented "just because there is so many bottles doesn't mean they will sell," Gates quickly took to making a video to respond to him.

Dropping Khaza off to his mother #BWA #idgt

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In the video above Gates without really exposing the hater in the comments said, "they got a n***a on the comments that said that our energy drink, just because we got all these cases don't mean we're gonna sell them. F**k that man tell your old lady b**** I got a big ole long d***, ya heard me." His words pretty much mean screw what you think it's going to sell.

You can hear Gates' girlfriend Dreaka in the background sharing his sentiment as well.

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Gates has really grown in popularity this year with his heavy lyrics and no holds bar attitude when it comes to saying what's on his mind. He had been showing fans the energy drink for some time now and it looks like it might be coming to a neighborhood store near you.

While there isn't further confirmation of a widespread release it would be interesting to see how this energy drink competes with the big names.

Do you think Kevin Gates "IDGT" energy drink can compete with Red Bull and other larger competitors? Let us know in the comments below.

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