Kerri Kasem And Howard Stern Talk Casey Kasem And Jean Kasem

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Kerri Kasem the daughter of the late Casey Kasem, former host of the American Top 40 radio show stopped by the Howard Stern show to talk about her father and much of the conflict surrounding life after his death.

Kasem was asked about her father and his relationship with Jean Kasem. She says that at first they got along but it changed when she realized that Jean only faked it at times.

According to, a website that does transcripts of the Stern show, Kerri said that Jean would tell her dad that they did something wrong just to get him mad at them, she continued that Jean would say her brother said something to her when he didn't and as a result her dad chased him and spanked him.

This didn't last long however, as she says her dad eventually caught on though.

When Stern asked her about the will and whether or not he left anything for her and her siblings she responded saying they still have no idea what is going on with the will.

According to Stern Casey Kasem is worth around $80 million and Kerri says that while they are sorting things out Jean has been going after them for a trust that is listed in the will.

She also says that when her dad went into the hospital Jean didn't tell them anything according to the transcript. When they approached her about finding out what is going on with him, Kasem said Jean went ballistic on them.

Kasem recollected her fathers last moments and said that they tried everything to keep him alive. She says she saw the terror in her eyes and how hard it was to watch him go through it all.

Casey Kasem's body is currently in Oslo, Norway according to his daughter and a Washington Post article.

Stern cracked a joke saying that Liam Neeson should play the role of a guy trying to get bring her dad back to her.

NBC News also reported that Kasems' body would be buried in Oslo in an August 15 article by Maria Elena Fernandez.

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