Ken Jeong Busts Some Moves On The Ellen Show

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Just when you thought Ken Jeong couldn't get any funnier, he completely shocks you by turning up on The Ellen Show and showing off some insane moves. It's all thanks to DeGeneres' DJ Twitch.

During the show, Jeong said it was always his dream to have Twitch as his dance coach. So, DeGeneres made it come true earlier on in the show and they spent about 20 minutes rehearsing a number.

Twitch's kind words about Jeong got him a little choked up but he pulled it together before it was time to hit the stage.

Jeong and Twitch hugged it out and then after a bit of hesitation, he went behind the doors to get ready.

As everyone waited patiently, the doors opened and out came Jeong to Bell Biv DeVoe's "That Girl Is Poison." The crowd both cheered and laughed as Jeong busted his moves in front of them. He struck a pose at the end but not before shouting out, "where is she, where is she," during his dance number.

If you need a little pick-me-up, this video will do the trick. Check out Ken Jeong's dance routine on The Ellen Show below.

Ken Jeong Busts Some Moves On The Ellen Show

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