Is Kanye West's Influence Finally Over?

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What in the world happened on the Saint Pablo Tour? Fans knew Kanye West would be ranting at times during the tour, however, his latest rants may have finally be the tipping point for many fans.

The media has been all over Kanye West's recent rant in which names like Jay Z, Beyonce, Drake, Taylor Swift, DJ Khaled and even President Barack Obama were thrown around. In all fairness, Kanye suggested multiple times that he wasn't trying to throw shots at these stars, however, it certainly felt like the opposite.

Kanye said that he was "on his Trump s**t," which isn't exactly the way to start off a concert given the overall tone of the nation following the 2016 Presidential Elections.

It was a follow up to Kanye revealing that he would have voted for Trump if he had the chance, which also didn't go over so well in the media.

Kanye's words were a series of chaotic sentences in which he pleaded with the celebrities to not send their goons on him.

Making statements on celebrities is fine, we are used to that Kanye, however, he may have finally taken a big step in the wrong direction after saying President Obama "couldn't make America great because he couldn't be him to be who he was." That statement alone was very confusing and with the first half of it being very bold.

When Kanye talks about other artists and celebrities it can be easily brushed off, however, when he goes on a political rant and ends his shows abruptly, it becomes quite frustrating for people who just wanted to escape from all of it through his music.

It's a point plenty of media outlets have been making, especially since Kanye seemingly has a heavy influence on the younger generation, especially through fashion.

With the impending release of three new colorways of Kanye and Adidas' Yeezy Boost 350's coming up it will be interesting to see if these words and actions have any effect on the popularity of his products. Rumors are also circulating that the remainder of the U.S. Saint Pablo Tour dates may have been canceled. This on-top of a canceled makeup concert and refunds can't be something his fans are happy about.

Kanye has taken so many steps in the right direction, even one where he and long-time collaborator and friend Kid Cudi squashed their beef with one another.

The moment he and Cudi had was ruined with the rest of his remarks and now all that remains is a bunch of questions with the main one being, "why?" Has Kanye West finally rid himself of any influence he had on his fans?

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