Justin Theroux Talks Jennifer Aniston and Plays Hot Hands On The Ellen Show

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Actor Justin Theroux visited The Ellen Show to catch up and dished the details on his wife, Jennifer Aniston's birthday celebration and more. Theroux also took on a challenging game of Hot Hands.

DeGeneres welcomed Theroux to the stage and mentioned that Aniston had just recently celebrated her birthday. Theroux told the host that he and his wife went to Cabo San Lucas for her birthday.

They had a little party and DeGeneres mentioned that she and her wife invited them on a vacation however, they had plans of their own.

Meanwhile, Theroux spoke to DeGeneres about his chat with Portia De Rossi and how they chatted about Australia being super dangerous. He said when you Google Australia you realize that so many animals there can kill you.

Theroux survived Australia and started growing his beard again. Aniston is okay with his beard to a point but at some points she gets a little sick of it.

Meanwhile, The Leftovers star said he has had to go to the emergency room every single season because of the show. He recently broke his nose doing a stunt, he also snapped a tendon in his finger and more.

Later on in the show, Theroux joined DeGeneres for a hilarious game of Hot Hands, where the category was celebrity couples. You watch Theroux's interview and his game of Hot Hands in The Ellen Show videos below.

Justin Theroux Talks Jennifer Aniston and Plays Hot Hands On The Ellen Show