Julia Roberts Issues Parenting Advice For George Clooney On The Ellen Show

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Actress Julia Roberts made her return to The Ellen Show to chat about everything from her own beauty tips, to parenting advice she has for George Clooney who is expecting twins.

She was also joined by Richard Curtis for a game of Heads Up! and more.

As DeGeneres and Roberts sat down to chat about Clooney, the actress revealed that Clooney and his wife, Amal, won't need advice because they are an amazing couple and no one is actually there with you at 3 AM when you're up with the newborns.

Roberts said when she thinks about her kids, she is surprised at how fast they grow up. She has been spending most of her time being a mom.

Roberts was named People magazine's Most Beautiful Woman in the World for the fifth time. However, DeGeneres wanted to know what her secret was.

Roberts left it up to genetics and being around nice people that make you feel good about what you're trying to accomplish. She added that it was really important to speak your love.

Later on in the show, Roberts and DeGeneres were joined by famous producer and creator of Red Nose Day, Richard Curtis.

Roberts has actually filmed a special episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls to celebrate Red Nose Day.

There will also be an American Ninja Warrior special to celebrate the telethon that benefits children who are in poverty or having a rough time growing up.

You can hear the rest of Roberts interview, her explanation of how vigorous her Running Wild experience was and much more in The Ellen Show videos below.

Julia Roberts Issues Parenting Advice For George Clooney and More On The Ellen Show