Jude Law Wants To Bring Back Wide-Legged Pants

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The Young Pope actor Jude Law visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and addressed something pretty strange that was drawing some attention.

It was the wide-legged pants he was sporting on the red carpet during the promotion of the show.

Fallon complimented Law on his great fashion sense and said that a lot of people are saying that Law is trying to bring back wide-legged pants. He shared a photo of Law in the pants and joked that it looked like Law was wearing Shaq's pants.

Law said he is just trying to get the world to come back to a wide-legged pant way of thinking.

Law said that the pants are comfortable and he kind of likes the old-schooled look. Then Fallon brought up another photo that caused a lot of laughter among the audience.

Fallon joked that Law will definitely win a SAG Award for the oversized pants that he has been sporting lately.

Meanwhile, Law has been getting a lot of praise for his character in The Young Pope, which is in the midst of it's first season.

You can check out a clip from his interview with Jimmy Fallon in The Tonight Show video below.

Jude Law Wants To Bring Back Wide-Legged Pants