Josh Peck Dresses Up as a Turkey for Hilarious Thanksgiving Vid (Watch)

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Josh Peck has changed a lot from his Nickelodeon days. He's thinner, more built, and he's now engaged.

But one thing that hasn't changed: his silly sense of humor. This week, the Vine star posted two hilarious videos dressed as a turkey, mourning the loss of his turkey friends.

Peck posted two videos this week in which he dresses up as a turkey and acts out the life of the turkey on Thanksgiving.

In the first video, Sarah Mclachlan's "Arms of the Angel" plays in the background as Peck walks around the city looking depressed.

He trips over himself, gets chased by a guy in a Pilgrim suit, and hides out in a corner, before crying in the turkey aisle of a supermarket.

In the second video, Peck is again dressed up as a turkey, and this time he's calling up his turkey friends (who are mostly dead) and asking about their post-Thanksgiving plans.

At the end, he reaches a friend who commiserates with him: "Did you hear about Billy? They deep fried him....Did you hear what happened to Barry? Yeah, they turned him into a Turducken...Yeah they're bring ducks and chickens into this now."

Here's the first video:

And here's the second video:

Peck also marked Thanksgiving with his typical food humor.

He asks "Can't I have some turkey, stuffing and room to be alone?" He also says "Please don't judge me by the amount of food on my plate. I'm a person with feelings."

Peck recently posted some funny clips from his time on Nickelodeon's Drake and Josh, including this one, where he tries to fill in for his father, the weather man, only to start sweating profusely and have a nervous breakdown.

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